Enhance your data by adding SomaScan® Assay services to your mass spectrometry analysis

Analyze thousands of proteins in 55 µL of plasma, and obtain sensitive detection without complex sample preparation

Adding the SomaScan Assay to mass spectrometry allows for deeper molecular insights, rapidly and consistently

Pairing the SomaScan Assay with complementary technologies, such as mass spectrometry, can accelerate target identification and protein expression analysis, as well as help you differentiate causal links or find new uses for already approved therapeutics.

The SomaScan Assay is based on SOMAmer® (Slow Off-Rate Modified Aptamer) Reagents, which are aptamers that are custom-engineered to have enhanced shape complementarity to their targets, as well as slow off rates for longer target binding. A universal polyanionic competitor further enhances specificity to the target protein.

Our high-plex proteomics platform can measure thousands of proteins simultaneously from a small sample (~55 µL) of plasma, serum, CSF, and multiple other complex sample types (human and non-human). This platform also offers excellent reproducibility with median coefficients of variation (CVs) of ~5%.

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Published findings show the benefit of using complementary technologies

  • In patients with high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma, researchers used the SomaScan Assay and mass spectrometry to discover protein signatures classifying long- or short-term relapse-free survivors (PMID 31588238)
  • Researchers used the SomaScan Platform and mass spectrometry to help identify the role of molecular mechanisms in different pathophysiological processes in COVID-19, a complex, heterogeneous condition. These insights may help stratify patients in clinical trials and in the clinic for targeted treatment (PMID 33724185)
  • In a study combining the SomaScan Assay with mass spectrometry analysis, research identified aspirin-targeted proteins that are potentially associated with the risk of colorectal cancer (PMID 33318029)

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Advantages of a complementary approach

macro image of proteins - SOMAmers

Precision proteomics for diagnostics, drug discovery, and health management

Featuring: Nelson Trujillo, MD
Boulder Community Health

“The resulting prediction of individualized and near-term risk enabled Trujillo to advise 45% of his evaluated patients to change therapy.”

Click below to read more about our proprietary SOMAmer® (Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamer) Reagents. And watch Dr. Trujillo explain how he uses protein profiling to predict, monitor, and prevent escalation of cardiovascular disease in this on-demand webinar.

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A proteomic tool to separate clinical signals from a sea of noise

Featuring: Antoine Dufour, PhD
University of Calgary

“As an initial screen, it’s a game-changer
in terms of numbers.”
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Illustration of blood cells flowing through vein

Illustration of human cardiovascular system

Profiling technology unlocks the predictive power of proteomics

Peter Ganz, MD
University of California, San Francisco

Ali Javaheri, MD
Washington University in St. Louis

Yuichi Shimada, MD
Columbia University

“From a single blood sample, one can simultaneously determine the risk of many diseases.”

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Benefits of the SomaScan Assay

The SomaScan Assay utilizes small sample volumes and delivers high-quality, actionable data to accelerate your research.

Magnifying glass

Sensitive detection

The SomaScan Assay can measure proteins with low limits of detection (10-log range with fM sensitivity).

Small hexagons together

(~5% median CV)

Obtain consistent and reproducible inter- and intra- assay results for data analysis and comparison.

High throughput

Enable 11,000 total protein measurements per sample, and conduct high-throughput analysis of >1,000 samples per day.

The SomaScan Platform offers multiple ways to complement your mass spectrometry analysis

SomaScan Assay Services

With the ability to profile thousands of proteins simultaneously in samples such as blood, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid, the SomaScan Assay lets you measure low- and high-abundant proteins with confidence.

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SomaScan Panels

Choose your proteins of interest, and customize a panel. Or select from one of our carefully curated disease-specific panels, including neuroscience, cardiovascular disease, cytokines and more.

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Become an
Authorized Site

Run the SomaScan Assay in your own lab as a SomaLogic Authorized Site. Having the technology onsite enables you to accelerate your workflow, automate your process, and create revenue-generating capabilities.

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