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Proteomic and genomic data integration unlock MORE

Discover the secrets of biology and human health with a proteogenomic approach

More and more, researchers and drug developers are combining genomics with proteomics to unravel deeper human health mysteries. In cancer, for example, genetic variations can complicate disease understanding and can slow the development of effective therapeutic strategies.

Through a multiomic approach, scientists overcome these challenges – and can confidently identify putative causal factors for disease, discover and prioritize drug targets, and explore gene-to-phenotype and protein-to-phenotype relationships.

The proof comes from an increasing amount of published research that demonstrates the potential of an integrated proteomics and genomics approach. Here’s just one example of the utility of incorporating Mendelian randomization proteomics to identify promising causal pathways and drug targets for heart failure.

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Why a panomic approach?

By fusing whole-genome sequencing (WGS) and other genomics data with high-plex proteomic analysis, you can:

  • Create a comprehensive view of biological systems
  • Better understand disease origins
  • Discover the impact of genetic variations on human health
  • Understand why existing therapies fail
  • Identify new, relevant drug and therapy targets
  • Develop safer, more effective treatments
  • And more!

New to proteomics?

Here’s why proteins are such a powerful complement to genomics.

Proteins are dynamic

Unlike the genome, which is relatively fixed over time, proteins provide a snapshot of health in real time.

Proteins are accessible

Secreted proteins circulate in blood and other fluids, making them easy to collect and analyze.

Proteins are the future

Our pioneering SomaScan® Platform enables 11,000 protein measurements from a single sample.

Pioneering high-plex proteomics

One platform for discovery, validation, and development

In the past, measuring proteins has been quite challenging. With no reliable technique for large-scale, multiplexed protein characterization, researchers looked to the genome for answers regarding disease diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy.

Today, emerging high-throughput proteomics approaches are moving research forward with speed and accuracy comparable to next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based research. Some proteomic approaches, like mass spectrometry, are popular but lack the sensitivity and specificity crucial to discovery.

The aptamer-based technology used in the SomaScan® Platform, on the other hand, offers:

More pQTLs
More pathways
More proteins
More proof
More pQTLs

Labeled chromosome segment. Scientific illustration

Quantitative trait loci (QTL)
Published research confirms that our platform provides the most insight for the most pQTLs – the missing link between genes and disease.

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More pathways

Thumbnail of SomaLogic Apatmers and Antibodies Comparison Sheet

Traditionally, affinity-based platforms have used antibodies as reagents. But antibodies present performance issues and natural variability in structure.

Our synthetic SOMAmer® (Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamer) Reagents overcome these challenges and offer the flexibility necessary to add targets quickly and accurately.

That means you get broad, deep coverage – half the genetically encoded human proteome – on a scalable platform. Learn how we make that possible in this comparison of antibodies vs. aptamers.

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More proteins

SomaScan Assay 11K Menu Chart

The menu is expanding.
As the menu expands, we continue to invest heavily in maintaining the reliability and accuracy our customers depend on. Gain targeted insights and make better decisions by profiling 11,000 protein measurements from a 55-μL sample.

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More proof

Our technology boasts >800 peer-reviewed publications, >1,000 issued and pending patents, and >3 billion proteomic measurements and counting.

See how SOMAmer® (Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamer) Reagents address the challenges of traditional polyclonal antibodies in this video.

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SomaLogic is your partner in pioneering proteogenomics for better drugs and research

Founded in 2000, SomaLogic has developed a pioneering proteomics platform focused on real-time understanding of the complexities of diseases and human biology. We believe personalized medicine should be a reality for all people worldwide.

The SomaScan Portfolio

SomaScan Assay Services

With the ability to profile 11,000 proteins simultaneously in samples such as blood, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid, the SomaScan Assay lets you measure low- and high-abundant proteins with confidence.

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SomaScan Panels

Choose your proteins of interest, and customize a panel. Or select from one of our carefully curated disease-specific panels, including neuroscience, cardiovascular disease, cytokines and more.

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SomaSignal® Tests

Identify patterns of protein changes in 21 quantitative clinical metrics from a simple blood test. Report current health state, and understand risks for cardiovascular disease, NASH, diabetes, and more.

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DataDelveTM Statistics

Get the most out of your data with this new data visualization tool. With it, it’s easy to combine information from the SomaScan Platform with clinical data to perform custom analysis.

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With high specificity, high reproducibility from low coefficients of variation, high throughput, and a high-plex menu, the SomaScan Platform is able to pair genomic and proteomic analysis at the level needed to transform precision medicine and drug discovery.

Hexagon icon with 11K text


With the SomaScan Platform, you can profile 11,000 total protein measurements from a 55-µL sample. Dig deeper with broad coverage of the human proteome. Download the SomaScan 11K Assay v5.0 Tech Note to learn more.

Hexagon icon with Low CVs in text

Reproducible precision

Be confident in the accuracy of your data with the high reproducibility that comes from low coefficients of variation (~5%) – even if you have a limited number of samples. Read why low CVs are critical in this white paper.

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Whether you want to measure the entire menu, choose a panel curated by our scientists, or select only certain proteins you’re interested in, you have the flexibility you need. Learn about our curated SomaScan Panels here.

But don’t just take our word for it

Hear how Washington University in St. Louis uses a multiomic approach at its genomics core facility for greater efficiency and deeper insights.

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Published peer-reviewed research shows more benefits of a multiomic approach

Published research across multiple areas of human health and disease states provides proof that a panomic approach accelerates confirmation, validation, and discovery.

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