What is the SomaScan Platform?

The SomaScan Platform is a high-plex, high-throughput proteomics technology developed by SomaLogic that revolutionizes how researchers gain insights into protein biology and protein-protein interactions.

As a single solution for discovery, validation, and development, the SomaScan Platform is pioneering proteomics. The platform:

  • Enables thousands of protein measurements (currently 11,000!) simultaneously from a single, 55-µL sample of serum, plasma, and various other sample types.
  • Uses SOMAmer® Reagents, single-stranded DNA aptamers, to bind to specific proteins with high specificity and sensitivity
  • Provides a vast data landscape for researchers to explore by providing a comprehensive analysis of proteomic biomarkers
  • Helps you move quickly and efficiently from discovery to validation with a comprehensive suite of solutions covering a wide range of diseases and therapeutic areas:

Now available in 11K and 7K formats

Custom and disease-specific, fully automated, fast turnaround

21 quantitative metrics for cardiovascular disease, NASH, diabetes, and more

A powerful tool to perform exploratory statistics and data visualization

How can the SomaScan Platform help you?

  • Unparalleled Depth and Breadth: 11,000 protein measurements (half the genetically encoded human proteome!) from a 55-µL sample. Analyzes far more proteins than traditional methods…uncovering downstream effects of genes, protein-protein interactions, and potential biomarkers previously hidden
  • Improved Breakthroughs: Enables identification of novel proteomic biomarkers and therapeutic targets for drug development
  • Unbiased Data: Unlike antibodies, SOMAmer Reagents provide proven specificity (through primary validation and orthogonal confirmation) and avoid pre-conceived biases, leading to novel discoveries and insights into the proteome.
  • Unequaled Scalability: Handles large-scale studies and high-throughput screening, making it suitable for research projects of all sizes
  • Unmatched Reproducibility: With low coefficients of variation ~5%, you can be confident in accurate, reproducible data and meaningful assay results.

How does the SomaScan Platform revolutionize protein biology research?

The SomaScan Platform provides the ability to detect the most proteins over a broad dynamic range without sacrificing reproducibility, sensitivity, or specificity. By casting the widest net possible, you’re able to see how protein biology and protein-protein interactions reveal disease origin, as well as potential risk progression. With crucial data, you can make informed decisions about which therapeutic targets could be most effective.

Here are some key reasons why you might choose to use it for your proteomic biomarker analysis:

Reproducible Icon

Reproducible (~5% CV)

Because the SomaScan Assay does not rely on polyclonal antibodies, which are variable, SomaLogic leads the industry with a dependably low median coefficient of variation (CV) of ~5%. Additionally, it is

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Specific(extensively characterized)

While most protein assays rely on a variation of the ELISA sandwich approach, the SomaScan Assay relies on kinetics: non-specific…

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Dynamic Range Icon

Dynamic(10-log range)

A tiered dilution approach is used to measure proteins of very high abundance and very low abundance separately, such that a total range of 10 logs can be measured …

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Sensitivity Icon


The tiered approach used for SomaScan Assay measurements enables the detection of very rare proteins consistently without…

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Largest Menu Icon

Largest menu (11,000 analytes)

By far the largest commercial proteomic assay on the market, the SomaScan Assay provides thousands of protein…

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High Throughput Icon

High throughput(over 1,000 samples/day)

Our workflow is massively multiplexed using a scalable system of robotics. Today, we can assay over 1,000 clinical samples per day at our CLIA-certified lab at U.S. World Headquarters.

How can you improve your modeling power with 11,000 total protein measurements?

Watch Peter Schafer, PhD, and Fred Baribaud, PhD, scientists at Bristol Myers Squibb, explain how 11,000 total protein measurements deliver on more data points, allowing them to identify true patterns and their association with clinical outcomes.

Key SomaLogic publications

PublicationSeminal SomaScan publication

Introduces the SomaScan Assay and demonstrates how chemically modified aptamers can be used to detect and discover biomarkers.

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PublicationImproving SELEX with modified aptamers

Describes how additional functional groups were used to increase the diversity of aptamers in the SELEX process, expanding to 3,000 targets.

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PublicationSOMAmer Reagent crystal structure

Reports the crystal structure of a SOMAmer Reagent binding PDGF-BB. Unlike traditional aptamers, the SOMAmer Reagent utilizes hydrophobic interactions and mimics the natural receptor.

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See how the SomaScan Assay complements mass spectrometry and genomics

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