Multiple diabetes indicators, one blood sample

SomaSignal® tests turn proteomic data into clinical metrics for diabetes

18 clinical metrics from 55 µL
of blood, including:

  • Glucose tolerance
  • Resting energy
  • Visceral fat
  • Cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Alcohol impact
  • Heart failure

Ideal for clinical trial

  • Assess comorbidities, including fatty liver and heart disease
  • Measure VO2 max without an exercise test
  • Determine drug efficacy
  • Identify at-risk patients
  • Identify patients likely to respond

Stratify patients

Measure drug effects

Anticipate adverse events

Additional resources

Additional SomaSignal tests

The CVD, heart failure, and cardiorespiratory fiitness tests make up a subset of 22 SomaSignal tests available for research use. Any or all of the SomaSignal tests are available for a single flat cost.

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