Translating the Language of Proteins into the Language of Health

Hidden in the thousands of proteins that make up the structures and function of our bodies is information about our past, present and future health. Virtually every aspect of health and disease is written in the real-time dynamic language of our proteins.

Today, only SomaLogic fully translates the language of proteins into the language of healthcare.

Our proprietary SomaScan® Platform measures thousands of human proteins in a single blood sample and uses sophisticated computer modeling to translate those protein measurements into meaningful, personalized health information for the individual being tested.

In addition to making this powerful technology available to other healthcare research and provider entities (e.g., pharmaceutical R&D), we are developing a growing menu of SomaSignal™ tests for a diverse set of human diseases and conditions, offering the deepest possible view into a person’s health status and direction to guide health management.

SomaLogic’s COVID-19 Response

Large-scale protein measurement using our SomaScan® Assay can play a key role in building the new knowledge and tools the world needs to successfully defeat the COVID-19 pandemic.

To get there faster, we are making our technology globally available to biopharma and academic COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 researchers under highly simplified terms.