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The BEST Reliability in High-Throughput Proteomics

Measure high- and low-abundance proteins confidently with superior sensitivity, high specificity, and proven reproducibility.

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High-Plex Proteomics Services and Experts Near You

Outsource your high-throughput screening to our fee-for-service, CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited lab at U.S. World Headquarters, or to our worldwide network of SomaLogic Authorized Sites.

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Stronger Together Standard BioTools and SomaLogic merger announcement

SomaLogic is excited to announce that we have merged with Standard BioTools.  With this recent transition comes a host of additional tools to support your research.

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Let the Standard BioTools Discovery Lab do the work for you

The Standard BioTools Discovery Lab team offers flow and imaging CyTOF® cytometry services to help you discover high-plex data from your samples. With proven CyTOF technology, used in over 2,000 peer-reviewed publications, investigate 40-plus markers at once in any sample type.

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Why aptamer-based proteomics?


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Aptamers vs. Antibodies

How are SOMAmer® Reagents different from antibodies for affinity-based protein assays?

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More proteins

Gain targeted insights and make better decisions with thousands of protein measurements from a 55-µL sample.

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More pathways

Get broad, deep coverage – half the human proteome – in a number of therapeutic areas on a scalable platform.

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Be confident in your results
with our SOMAmer® technology’s industry-leading reproducibility, sensitivity, and specificity.

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See success in action with 1,000+
peer-reviewed publications, 1,000+ issued and pending patents, and 3+ billion proteomic measurements and counting.

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One platform for discovery, validation, and development

Move from discovery to validation quickly and efficiently on a single platform. Whether you are a scientist in an academic medical center or at a pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or contract research organization, we can help you collaborate at the intersections of basic research, preclinical and potential clinical applications in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

With our pioneering technology, you’ll get high sample throughput with a low sample volume for a variety of sample types, so you can be confident in your results.

Learn how you can gain new biological insights into the human proteome and the complex molecular interactions of human health and disease with the SomaLogic solutions listed below.

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