Empowering transformative research and diagnostics with the power of proteomics

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SomaLogic has revolutionized aptamer-based proteomics.

Our pioneering platform provides more coverage of the proteome than any other technology. With more coverage comes better insights, smarter decisions, improved outcomes, better healthcare. SomaLogic is an industry leader in proteomics, adding new analytes and developing innovative ways to advance your work every single day.

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Discover how the world’s leading life science and pharmaceutical research organizations are transforming their discovery and validation pipelines with our groundbreaking proteomic technologies.

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Healthcare Practitioners
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Real-time health information that enables health systems to make better decisions and improve outcomes across their populations.

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Data and Analysis
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Analyze and visualize all your studies in one clear, concise, and convenient view on the SomaLogic Life Sciences Portal. Combine study tracking with the power of statistical analysis and data visualization, and access our full menu of analytes.

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Industry-leading means…

We built the first and only platform that can simultaneously measure 7,000 proteins across a wide range of concentrations. Now we’re translating those measurements into key clinical indicators of health status and risk.

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7,000 proteins per sample

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CLIA-licensed ultra high-throughput lab

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Proteomics and clinical metrics from 55 μL of blood

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20 years of innovation, >500 patents

For insights across multiple diseases

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Anne Minnich, PhD

Correlation of a Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis
(NASH) Proteomic Test with Clinical Outcomes

June 15
10 am (PT) | 1 pm (ET) | 6 pm (CET)

Anne Minnich, PhD
Bristol Myers Squibb