Our products and vision for the future are based on a deep portfolio of intellectual property unique in this industry.

SomaLogic has an extensive intellectual property (IP) estate of issued patents and pending patent applications that provides global protection in the major diagnostic and pharmaceutical markets for nucleic acid based chemistries and the development and use of the company’s proprietary SOMAmer® reagents as individual protein binders or as a multiplex library of protein binding reagents (e.g., SomaScan® platform).

As of November 2022, SomaLogic owns or controls 601 domestic and foreign issued patents, and 332 domestic and foreign pending patent applications.

The company’s comprehensive IP estate protects multiple innovative platforms and technologies. Our IP estate is built around four key platform technologies: Chemistry, Detection, SELEX and Data Analytics, and two technology application areas: diagnostics and therapeutics.

Details regarding each technology area as it relates to the SomaLogic patent estate are provided below:


  • Library of base modified nucleotides that improve the target binding properties (sensitivity, specificity and off-rate) and nuclease stability of oligonucleotides, and may be used to “tune” the clearance rate of therapeutic oligonucleotides
  • Methods for synthesizing base modified nucleotides
  • Oligonucleotides having a single type or dual type base modified nucleotides (e.g., SOMAmer reagents)

Data Analytics

  • Methods for assessing pre-analytical variability in a biological sample and its impact on biomarker discovery, diagnostic tests and protein measurements
  • Methods for determining disease risk by combining down-sampling of class-imbalanced data sets with survival analysis
  • Methods for data normalization using an adaptive statistical approach to produce normalization scale factors
  • Methods for normalizing the variability of inter-sample analyte measurements for a biological matrix (e.g., urine)


  • Methods for detecting and quantifying a single target or multiple targets in a biological sample with an aptamer (SomaScan platform)
  • Multiple aptamer-based assay formats including a single and multiplex aptamer-based assay, an aptamer sandwich assay and a “beacon” aptamer assay


  • Methods for determining the likelihood that an individual has a particular disease or condition
  • Methods for predicting the risk that an individual will have a certain disease or condition
  • Diagnostic and predictive biomarker panels for a particular disease or condition


  • Methods for identifying or developing a nucleic acid aptamer including using a “slow off-rate enrichment” process and oligonucleotides having one or more base modified nucleotides (single type or dual type base modified nucleotides)


  • Specific nucleic acid aptamer sequence motifs (“sequence families”)
  • Methods for treating a condition or disease with a nucleic acid aptamer