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See how the SomaScan Assay works

The SomaScan® Assay is available in
both custom and disease-specific panels

The SomaScan Assay is the first and only platform that can measure 7,000 analytes from a 55-µL sample across a wide range of concentrations and can analyze a subset of proteins of interest, all on the same platform. The assay also measures proteins in low and high abundance within the same sample, providing more information and insight from every test.

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Targeted data

Custom-pick your desired targets, or choose disease-specific panels.

Carefully curated

Each panel focuses on a specific area of disease or a key biological process.

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Comprehensive coverage

Includes more than double the analytes of leading competitors.

Custom-pick your desired targets or take advantage of our disease-specific panels

Choose custom panels

custom 100

1-100 analytes

custom 1,500

101-1,500 analytes

Option to unlock all 7,000 analytes

With custom panels, you reserve the opportunity to request data for all 7,000 analytes later.

Instant setup

SomaScan custom panels are fully automated, so the assay is ready to run as soon as you select your targets.

Choose disease-specific panels


627 analytes

Respiratory panel sheet download


1,316 analytes

Download Neuroscience panel sheet


168 analytes

Download Cytokines panel sheet

Inflammation and immune response

938 analytes

Download inflammation and immune response panel product sheet

Cardiovascular Disease

953 analytes

Download Cardiovascular Disease panel product sheet

Learn more about SomaScan panels

For research only. Not intended for diagnostic or patient management purposes.