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The SomaScan Menu tool gives you an easy, efficient way to access all 7,000 proteins in our database. Choose one of our disease-specific panels, or customize your own panel.

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Our extensive coverage of the human proteome means more insights and more discoveries into:

  • Disease pathways
  • Novel treatment targets
  • New applications for approved drugs
  • Patterns of wellness and aging
  • And more

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Discover something new by exploring our database. Or validate what you already knew or suspected from previous analyses.

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Life Sciences Portal

The SomaLogic Life Sciences Portal is a concise and comprehensive view of all your studies and all your data — from sample submission through completion. And we are with you every step of the way. With just one click, we’re available to help you whenever you need us.

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DataDelveTM Statistics

Our newest tool! Perform exploratory statistical analysis, and create customizable graphs by combining your SomaScan Assay results and clinical data.

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Industry-leading reliability metrics, including sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility – with coefficients of variation <5%

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