Non-invasive proteomic analysis of liver health for MASH/NASH

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Liver disease associated protein profiling with The SomaScan® Assay and SomaSignal® Tests

Metabolic dysfunction Associated Steototic fatty Liver Disease, MASLD, previously known as NAFLD is characterized by the accumulation of fat in the liver and impacts as much as 1/3 of the US population. Thirty percent of patients with MASLD develop Metabolic Steatohepatitis, MASH, previously known as NASH. MASH can include fibrosis and signals the risk of the development of cirrhosis and liver cancer. Diagnosing the severity of MASLD and MASH has traditionally relied on invasive liver biopsies and histological examination.

A non-invasive, proteomics-based test for steatosis, ballooning, inflammation, and fibrosis is now available for research use only via the SomaSignal NASH tests.

The SomaSignal NASH tests use a binary scoring system to characterize samples as positive or negative for the four different indicators independent of diabetes status or presence/absence of therapeutic intervention. The SomaSignal NASH tests are available on their own or in conjunction with the full menu of 7,000 protein measurements derived from the SomaScan Assay.

MASH Analysis with Protein Profiling

SomaSignal Tests for MASH Analysis – Clinical indicators of disease progression

Liver disease diagram showing Steatosis, Inflammation, Fibrosis, and Ballooning

Protein profiling of blood with SomaSignal tests are the only technology capable of predicting all 4 MASH components simultaneously and non-invasively.

  • Measures steatosis, inflammation, fibrosis, and ballooning
  • Corresponds with staging as measured by liver biopsy
  • Reveals drug-mediated improvements in disease severity
  • Provides insight into treatment mechanism of action

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The CVD, heart failure, and cardiorespiratory fitness tests make up a subset of 21 SomaSignal tests available for research use. Any or all of the SomaSignal tests are available for a single flat cost.

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