Massive-scale proteomics for COVID-19

You’re tackling the unknown. You need as much information as possible.

Access the largest protein profiling platform.
Find patterns no one knew to look for.

With the SomaScan® Assay, you can measure thousands of proteins at once, including >800 proteins involved in immune/inflammatory response. That’s 7x more coverage of COVID-19 associated proteins than any other platform. In response to the pandemic, we’ve simplified our terms, so that researchers who want to analyze COVID-19 samples can get results faster.

Accelerate pandemic response in six ways

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Predict progression

Predict which COVID-19 patients will progress and develop severe illness.

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Identify disease subtypes

Identify COVID-19 disease complication sub-types in those at risk for severe illness.

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Repurpose existing drugs

Repurpose existing drugs by matching them with drivers of COVID-19 progression.

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Identify new drug candidates

Rapidly identify protein targets for new drug candidates for COVID-19.

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Accelerate clinical trials

Accelerate clinical trials for COVID-19 drug candidates.

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Facilitate vaccine development

Find COVID-19 protein expression patterns to accelerate COVID-19 vaccine development.

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