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Designed for versatility

Researchers and clinicians often struggle with finding a single proteomics platform that can handle the diverse species and sample types they encounter, hindering their ability to efficiently answer complex research questions. The SomaScan platform offers unmatched versatility for a wide array of species and sample types. This flexibility saves valuable time and resources, allowing you to adapt to various research needs and clinical applications with ease. Our technology supports a broad range of scientific inquiries, making it the proteomic tool of choice for uncovering biological insights across life science research.

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Diverse sample types with the broadest and deepest coverage of any proteomic platform

Frustrated by limitations in traditional proteomic tools? The SomaScan platform offers unparalleled flexibility, designed to address your research challenges by accommodating a wider range of species and sample types than ever before.

The SomaScan 11K and 7K platforms are applicable to various sample types and species, accelerating your discovery of new proteomic insights.

You can read more about it in our Signaling in Non-Human Plasma Tech Note.

Species Compatibility

Species 11K 7K
Non-Human Primate

Please note that not all SOMAmer® reagents exhibit cross-reactivity from human to other species.

Lab mice

Sample types

The following tables outline the compatibility of various sample types between the SomaScan 11K and 7K Platforms

Detect sample types for comprehensive proteomic insights

Sample Type 11K 7K
Plasma and Serum
Cell Lysates
Tissue Homogenates

gloved hand pulling lab samples from tray

Valuable sample types for detailed proteomic exploration

Sample Type 11K 7K
Nuclear Extracts
Synovial Fluid
Aqueous Humor
Vitreous Humor

…and many more covering a spectrum of biological matrices that help answer complex research questions

Uncover the full potential of the SomaScan Platform with Human Plasma, Human Serum, or another novel sample type unique to your research.

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Detect subtle biological signals without bridging samples

Analyzing proteins in critical samples such as EDTA, plasma, serum, and CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) requires precision. With traditional methods, this often involves adding samples and costs to a project in order to bridge subtle variations across sample types. To mitigate costs and extra steps, the SomaScan platform was developed with external references and advanced machine learning techniques known as Adaptive Normalization by Maximum Likelihood (ANML). This technology ensures that our assays are precise and reliable across these fundamental biological sample types. See below for the organisms and sample types that can be used when leveraging our external references with ANML.

Species Sample Type External References with ANML
Human Plasma
Human Serum
Human CSF
Human Urine

Technology note

External references with ANML adjusts for variability within and between sample sets, ensuring that results are not only reliable but also precise across different conditions and experiments. To support ANML, the SomaScan platform uses a large matrix matched dataset from normal, adult donors, as an external global normalization reference. This process enhances the platform’s ability to detect subtle biological signals without the requirement of running additional bridging samples. The integration of ANML normalization into our analysis underscores our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the rigorous demands of scientific research and clinical diagnostics.

Designed for versatility

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