Detect Biomarkers Associated With Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

Using the SomaScan® Assay to identify new biomarkers in liver disease


In this 1-hour discussion, learn how the SomaScan Assay can be used to detect biomarkers associated with NAFLD—specifically, the identification of circulating proteins associated with fibrosis in NAFLD using a custom 5k-plex SomaScan Assay. Also discussed is the importance of identifying non-invasive biomarkers that improve clinical decision-making and drug development for NAFLD, and the strategies for multiplexed validation of candidate biomarkers discovered using the SomaScan Assay.

Kathleen Corey, MD, MPH, MMSc

Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital NAFLD Program and an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School

Rebecca Pitts

Principal scientist at the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Advancing Biomarkers for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver
Disease Using Proteomics

A webinar presented by Kathleen Corey, MD, MPH, MMSc and Rebecca Pitts

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