High-plex protein profiling for cancer research: Maximize target selection and validation

The SomaScan® Assay profiles thousands of proteins in a 55-μL blood sample and efficiently detects low-abundance proteins in complex biological samples.

The pioneering SomaScan® Assay empowers discovery

Achieve high-plex protein analysis to reveal more biological insights and accelerate your cancer research. Identify proteins and protein networks related to the origin, proliferation and metastasis of solid tumor and blood-based cancers. Drive early discovery and validation for translational science and pre-clinical research.

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Customize your analysis for targeted results

You can choose a specialized panel of select protein targets.

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The SomaScan Assay is the premier high-plex, high-throughput assay for protein profiling

Feature Benefit

Profiles thousands of different proteins from only 55 μL of plasma/serum

Obtain the most biological insights into proteins and protein networks – simultaneously

Compatible for use with blood and other complex biological fluids and tissue

Eliminate complex sample preparation inherent in mass spectrometry
10-log dynamic range from femtomolar to micromolar Achieve sensitive detection of low-abundance proteins

~5% median coefficient of variation (CV)

Maintain intra- and inter-assay reproducibility across samples/projects

Added value features

SomaSignal® Tests for pre-analytical variation ensure data accuracy

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Life Sciences customer portal provides enhanced data interpretation and visualization

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Options for specialized, customized panels

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New to proteomics?

The human proteome orchestrates the majority of biological processes.

Currently, >90% of drug targets are proteins.1

Why harness the power of proteomics?

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Technical Info
Technical Info
Cover image of the SomaScan® 11K Assay v5.0 Technical Note

SomaScan 11K Assay v5.0 Tech Note

The SomaScan® Platform is a powerful tool with applications in scientific research and health and wellness. This technical note provides background on the platform itself, as well as performance metrics for the SomaScan 11K Assay v5.0.


SomaScan Assay v4.1 Tech Note Cover Image

SomaScan Assay v4.1 Tech Note

The SomaScan® Platform is a powerful tool with applications in scientific research and health and wellness. This technical note provides background on the platform itself, as well as performance metrics for the SomaScan® Assay v4.1.


SL00000713 Rev 1 2022-03_Pre-analytical variation assessment _Tech Note_v1 -1

Pre-analytical variation assessment for more reliable results

In biomarker discovery, it is critical to assess any pre-analytical variation in order to avoid artificial bias in the intended measurements. Pre-analytical variation may arise from both avoidable and unavoidable factors, resulting in misleading data and incorrect conclusions.


Hex icon with 11K in center, representing 11,000 measurable proteins by the SomaScan Assay

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Proteomic profiling for discovery of biomarkers and mechanistic insights into acute myeloid leukemia (AML)


Abstract illustration of hands holding brain hologram

Proteomic screening of stool samples for Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Colorectal Cancer


Dive deeper into how proteomics is advancing cancer research

The study of proteins is the missing ‘-omic’ in the study of cancer. Having proteomic measurements in our data gives us the strongest case for the integration of genetics, behavior and environment in improving the prediction of disease.”
Elio Riboli, European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) Study Coordinator and Principal Investigator

Professor of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention,
Imperial College London

In current -omics era, discovery and validation of protein biomarkers are essential for both research and clinical practice having huge impact on early cancer detection, diagnosis improvement, recurrence prevention, therapeutic response monitoring and increased survival outcome. Developing cancer risk-identifier biomarkers that aid both early detection and targeted therapy constitutes an essential aim of the oncology field.”
Tanase CP, et al. Prostate cancer proteomics: Current trends and future perspectives for biomarker discovery. Oncotarget.

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  1. Ghadermarzi S, et al. Sequence-derived markers of drug targets and potentially druggable human proteins. Front Genet ID (2019 ). doi:10.3389/fgene.2019.01075