Charles M. Lillis

Founder and Managing Partner, LoneTree Capital

Charles Lillis, Ph.D., is the Chair of the SomaLogic Board of Directors. He also serves on the boards of several privately owned companies and has served on the boards of a several publicly owned companies. From 1995-2000, he was the Chief Executive Officer and Chair of MediaOne Group (NYSE), a leading developer of high bandwidth, hybrid fiber coax networks in several countries. After selling MediaOne, Dr. Lillis was a founding member of Castle Pines Capital, a channel finance company, which provided financing to distributors of network equipment manufacturers. Castle Pines Capital was sold to Wells Fargo in 2012. 

Dr. Lillis’ early business career included positions at DuPont and General Electric. He was Dean of the University of Colorado business school from 1984-1985. He and his wife established the Lillis Foundation in 2000, which provides support for a number of education programs and universities as well as programs for senior citizens. They have endowed professorships at the Universities of Colorado, Washington and Oregon and have been deeply involved with the University of Puget Sound. In 2014, Dr. Lillis was appointed Chair of the University of Oregon Board of Trustees by the Governor of Oregon and continues to serve in that capacity.

Dr. Lillis received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Business Administration from the University of Washington and his doctorate in business from the University of Oregon. He is a U.S. Army veteran.