Alan Williams

Chief Development Officer

Alan Williams serves as SomaLogic Chief Development Officer. He joined SomaLogic in May 2015 as Chief Informatics Officer and still maintains responsibility for bioinformatics in addition to assay development. Prior to joining SomaLogic, he was head of Ion Torrent R&D for Thermo Fisher Scientific. During his five years at Ion Torrent, he jointly led numerous instrument, kit and software development projects and launches. His contributions include the launch of the PGM and Proton sequencing platforms, the Ion Chef automated sample prep system, Torrent Suite and Ion Report software systems, and the FDA-registered PGM Dx system. He also shepherded the R&D team through two acquisitions. From 2000 to 2010, Dr. Williams held several positions within the Affymetrix R&D team where he was eventually responsible for all bioinformatics, data analysis and scientific computing R&D activities as Vice President of Informatics. He led the development of a robust genomic-anchored expression chip design pipeline; the bioinformatics design of numerous expression and genotyping DNA microarrays including the HG-U133 expression array; and created the strategy and led the effort around the Affymetrix Power Tools.

Dr. Williams earned a bachelor’s degree in plant biology from the University of California, Davis and a doctorate in molecular, cellular and developmental biology from the University of California, Riverside.