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SomaLogic boasts industry-leading reliability metrics that include sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility, with coefficients of variation <5%

Most protein assays excel in only one or two areas. The SomaScan Assay, however, is the first and only platform that enables 11,000 protein measurements from a 55-µL sample. That’s more than double the number of proteins compared to any other proteomic assay and with the greatest number of orthogonally confirmed protein reagents in the proteomics industry.

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Reproducible (<5% CV)

Because the SomaScan Assay does not rely on polyclonal antibodies, which are variable, SomaLogic leads the industry with a dependably low median coefficient of variation (CV) of ~5%. Additionally, it is

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Specific(extensively characterized)

While most protein assays rely on a variation of the ELISA sandwich approach, the SomaScan Assay relies on kinetics: non-specific…

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Dynamic(10-log range)

A tiered dilution approach is used to measure proteins of very high abundance and very low abundance separately, such…

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The tiered approach used for SomaScan measurements enables the detection of very rare proteins consistently without…

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Largest menu (11,000 analytes)

By far the largest commercial proteomic assay on the market, the SomaScan Assay provides thousands of protein…

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High throughput(over 1,000 samples/day)

Our workflow is massively multiplexed using a scalable system of robotics. Today, we can assay over 1,000 clinical samples per day at our CLIA-certified lab at U.S. World Headquarters.

Learn how the SomaScan® Assay works

The SomaScan Assay profiles thousands of different proteins from only 55 µL of plasma/serum.


A single platform for discovery, validation, and development

The SomaScan® Assay uses Slow Off-Rate Modified Aptamers (called SOMAmer® Reagents) to provide highly reproducible measurements of circulating proteins from a single sample of plasma, serum, urine, and other sample types.


Unique reagents

SOMAmer® Reagents are synthetic, ssDNA sequences with protein-like appendages that tightly bind a specific protein target.


Developed by SELEX

Precise requirements for binding and durability are controlled via a directed evolution process called SELEX.


For discovery, validation, & development

Unlike antibodies, SOMAmer Reagents are eternally consistent, enabling unmatched reproducibility.

The SomaScan Assay outperforms antibody – and mass spec-based proteomic approaches

We are using all major proteomics approaches including antibody-based and MS-based methods in addition to SomaScan because of their complementarity. SomaScan stands out, however, with the largest coverage of plasma proteome, no sensitivity limitation, excellent reproducibility/precision, and impressive throughput.”

Source: Customer Response to Tech Validate Survey

Key SomaLogic publications

PublicationSeminal SomaScan publication

Introduces the SomaScan Assay and demonstrates how chemically modified aptamers can be used to detect and discover biomarkers.

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PublicationImproving SELEX with modified aptamers

Describes how additional functional groups were used to increase the diversity of aptamers in the SELEX process, expanding to 3,000 targets.

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PublicationSOMAmer Reagent crystal structure

Reports the crystal structure of a SOMAmer Reagent binding PDGF-BB. Unlike traditional aptamers, the SOMAmer Reagent utilizes hydrophobic interactions and mimics the natural receptor.

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