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We look forward to showing you published research and real-world experience about the deeper data insights you get from a complementary proteomics approach that combines mass spectrometry with high-plex protein profiling.

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We’re honored to host Iwao Waga, MBA, PhD, for a Lunch Seminar (ISS13) on Tuesday, September 19, 13:15-14:15, in BEXCO Convention Hall, Room 203-204.

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Learn why mitigation of technical variability is a key aspect in relating proteomic biomarkers to clinical endpoints.

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Our entire team will be available in Booth 405. Stop by to tell us the biggest biomarker challenge you face. We’ll discuss how a combined approach could be the solution.

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Iwao Waga, MBA, PhD
CTO, FonesLife
Senior Fellow, NEC Solution Innovators, LtD
Visiting Professor, Tohoku University
School of Medicine

Lunch Seminar (ISS13):
Disease Risk Visualization by SomaScan Assay
Tuesday, September 19 – 13:15-14:15 KST

Join us Tuesday, September 19 (13:15-14:15 KST) in Room 203-204 in BEXCO Convention Hall for a presentation on using the SomaScan Assay as a visualization tool for assessing disease risk.

Presentation Abstract:
Advancements in machine learning have made it possible to now reliably and robustly predict disease that is not yet clinically evident from other types of data. By integrating high-plex proteomics data generated on the SomaScan® Assay with well-adjudicated clinical data in large cohort studies, protein-only biomarker sets have been identified that accurately and sensitively assess risk for conditions such as myocardial infarction, stroke, lung cancer or dementia.

In this session, we will discuss use cases of the SomaScan® Assay as a healthcare tool to detect lifestyle behaviors that may contribute to non-communicable disease risk, a growing public health concern globally due to the strong association with Western cultural influences and modern habits. We will also explore whether various classical or novel intervention methods may have more power to reduce personal disease risks by combining with blood proteomics-based risk prediction.

“In the late 19th century, psychologist G. Stanley Hall observed that
‘Man is largely a creature of habit.’
Now two centuries later, this can be recognized again at the molecular levels with proteomics precision health technology.”

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Session Title Presenter
Normalization to external reference for reduction of technical variation Yolanda Hagar, PhD
Associate Director,
Session Date and Time Session Title Theme Presenter
##-##: Normalization to external reference for reduction of technical variation THEME Yolanda Hagar, PhD
Associate Director,
##-##: Low coefficients of variation increase biomarker discovery potential THEME Hannah Biegel, PhD

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Stop by Booth 405 in the main exhibit hall. Learn about the value of complementing your mass spec research with the 7,000-plex SomaScan Assay. Speak with our team about your research needs. And see how you can make groundbreaking discoveries quickly and efficiently by having the SomaScan Assay onsite in your own lab as a SomaLogic Authorized Site.

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