SomaSignal™ Tests for Pre-Analytical Variation

Assess samples for variation in order to identify impacted measurements.

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The importance of pre-analytical variation

Biological samples are inherently variable to begin with, but other factors, such as how a sample is collected, handled, and stored, can further affect analyses and results. In terms of proteomics, improper sample handling can impact the structures and amounts of the very proteins under study.

Controlling for pre-analytical variation is critically important in order to avoid misleading analyses that impact data and cause setbacks and loss of samples.

SomaSignal Tests For Pre-Analytical Variation

SomaLogic has developed a set of tests that can provide an assessment of pre-analytical variation and enable identification of impacted measurements. It could minimize the impact of sample variation when:

  • Identifying signatures of disease
  • Discovering new drug targets
  • Looking for drug response profiles
Soma Signal Test Sample Type
Time-to-Spin Human Plasma
Human Serum
Time-to-Decant Human Plasma
Human Serum
Time-to-Freeze Human Plasma
Human Serum
Freeze-Thaw Human Plasma
Human Serum
Fed-Fasted Human Plasma
Human Serum
SomaSignal Test Sample Type
Time-to-spin Human plasma
Human serum
Time-to-decant Human plasma
Human serum
Time-to-freeze Human plasma
Human serum
Freeze-thaw Human plasma
Fed-fasted Human plasma



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