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Welcome to SomaLogic, your high-content proteomics solutions provider.

As the industry leader, we are expanding our protein menu and developing pioneering methods to efficiently advance your research.

We serve scientists worldwide, in academic medical centers, pharma, biotech, and contract research organizations, collaborating at the intersections of basic research, preclinical and potential clinical applications in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

We are excited to collaborate with you to gain new biological insights into the human proteome and the complex molecular interactions of human health and disease.

SomaLogic has revolutionized affinity-based proteomics with the use of aptamers, short strands of modified DNA, through the development of our proprietary SOMAmer® (Slow Off-rate Modified Apatamer) protein capture reagents.

Choose from our portfolio of proteomic solutions utilizing SOMAmer reagents for protein detection and quantification in a range of complex biological samples. We offer a novel technology platform to profile proteins for disease-specific research and biological discovery. We excel in providing the leading proteomics platform that offers sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility, with median coefficients of variation ~5%. Our assays utilize small sample volumes and deliver high-quality, actionable data to accelerate your research.

SomaScan Assay Services

SomaScan® Assay

For biomarker discovery, assay size is critical.

What is the SomaScan® Assay?

The SomaScan Assay profiles 7,000 unique proteins from only 55 μL of plasma/serum. That’s more than double the number of proteins of any other platform on the market.

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Key use cases

Biomarker discovery
Mechanism of action
Identification of adverse effects

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Sample input requirements

55 μL of plasma/serum and suitable for other sample types, such as urine and CSF

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Menu size

7,000 proteins and counting

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Assay output

Protein expression data representing specific proteins found in your sample bound by SOMAmer reagents

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More than 700 peer-reviewed publications demonstrating the power of the SomaScan Platform in advancing proteomics have been published with >550,000 samples tested since 2010. SomaScan Assay disease-specific and customized panels are also available.

SomaSignal® Tests

For clinical trial monitoring, actionable reporting is key.

What are SomaSignal® Tests?

SomaSignal® Tests deliver clinically relevant information about patient health and risk status derived by comparing clinical data and SomaScan data.

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Key use cases

Easy sampling facilitates longitudinal studies
Risk assessment score for specific pathologies
Real-time readout of physical state and trajectory

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Sample input requirements

55 μL of plasma/serum

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Menu size

21 validated tests and growing

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Assay output

Risk profile of disease likelihood, probability, and/or severity of phenotype

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SomaSignal Tests use proteomic expression algorithms validated with patient cohorts in clinical studies.

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Download the SomaScan Assay Services brochure

View highlights of the SomaScan Assay for protein profiling and biomarker discovery in a variety of diseases including oncology, neurology and cardiovascular disease.

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SomaScan® Assay services

Measure over 7,000 proteins in a variety of samples including plasma, serum, CSF and others.

SomaScan® Panels

Study associated protein families in a range of disease states including curated panels for neurobiology, oncology, cardiovascular disease, and more. Or create your own customized panels.

SomaSignal® Tests

Choose from 21 specific tests from our growing menu.

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