2023 SomaLogic Sponsored Genomax Research Grant Award

Accelerate your research by assaying over 7000 proteins with a SomaLogic research grant award with our Authorized Site partner, Genomax.


SomaLogic, together with Genomax Technologies, is pleased to announce the very first SomaLogic Sponsored Genomax Research Grant Award. This awards covers the delivery of data for 40 samples from a SomaScan Assay analysis of human serum or plasma.

Program details

We are encouraging researchers to submit a brief outline of their inventive plans to use the SomaScan Assay in their research. The goal of this program is to assist researchers in Singapore to generate pilot data, which can be used to support their future grant applications, and to promote use of the SomaScan Assay as an essential tool for generating high-quality proteomic data. Applicants’ proposals will be reviewed within 4 weeks of the submission deadline (30 June 2023).

Applicants should write a short proposal of 500 words or less, outlining a pilot research project which uses the SomaScan Assay.

A committee of SomaLogic staff will review and select the winning applicant based on the following criteria:

  • The overall application completeness
  • Did the applicant have an original proposal with clear goals and outcomes
  • Provide a clear approach and design which matches the goals and outcomes
  • How the protein data and analysis are intended to be used
  • What are the next steps the researcher intends to take with this additional knowledge
  • How does SomaScan data increase insight into health and disease for their given focus area


Two (2) winners will be selected and awarded forty (40) samples to be processed on the SomaScan Assay at Genomax in Singapore, together with upstream and downstream support from SomaLogic (including discussions with technical support to validate sample type and discuss limitations and with the project management team to discuss sample prep/shipping and downstream bioinformatic support).

If applicants have any questions about sample submission requirements, they should email Genomax at [email protected].

Application timelines

Grant announced at AOHUPO 8-10 May 2023 and advertised via Genomax email database to eligible customers in Singapore only.


8 May 2023


8 May 2023
Submission close 30 June 2023 – late submissions not accepted

Winner announced

30 July 2023

Samples submitted for processing

30 August 2023

Data from SomaScan Assay delivered

30 September 2023

Eligibility criteria

  1. The grant program terms and conditions apply and are available here.
  2. The grant is only open to researchers who are based in Singapore and based at an institution or group where they perform the research.
  3. Research teams who already use the SomaScan Assay are not eligible to apply.
  4. All submissions must be in English and comply with the criteria outlined here in this guide.
  5. The samples processed on the SomaScan Assay need to be available and meet certain criteria (Handling and Processing Guide, available here).
  6. Pilot studies which are creative, bring new insight to health and disease, and have potential to lead to longer term studies are highly considered.
  7. For questions on your eligibility or study you have proposed, please email Genomax at [email protected]
  8. Only one application per person is allowed.

Research grant conditions

  1. The two (2) successful applicants will receive SomaScan data for each of their 40 samples including discussions with technical support to validate sample type and discuss limitations and with the project management team to discuss sample prep/shipping and downstream bioinformatic support. Applicants will own the SomaScan Assay data generated under this grant program.
  2. Samples will be run on the SomaScan Assay by Genomax Technologies, an authorized SomaLogic site based in Singapore.
  3. Application submission deadline is 30 June 2023. Any submissions made after this date will not be accepted.
  4. Successful applicants consent to their name and organization being used for promotional purposes under this grant program.
  5. The winner will be announced on 30 July 2023, by email, social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and be encouraged to present their research in SomaLogic marketing activities.
  6. For questions about your eligibility or to ask questions about the study you have proposed, please email Genomax at [email protected]
  7. The grant is for research purposes only and not to be used for commercial or clinical purposes.
  8. The applications will be reviewed and awarded by a SomaLogic committee.
  9. SomaLogic’s decision is final.
  10. All applicants agree to be contacted by SomaLogic and Genomax Technologies for marketing purposes.
  11. Special grant terms and conditions apply.

Sample submission

  • The grant winners will provide 40 samples to be run on the SomaScan Assay with the output being data showing signals for 7000 protein targets.
  • Samples must be human plasma or serum. Other sample types may be considered after consultation.
  • Samples submitted must be 130 µl volume and prepared according to the SomaLogic Handling and Processing Guide (available here). Recording, delivery and labelling will be discussed with the winners.
  • Sample submissions, including any associated documentation, cannot include any personal or health information on human subjects. Awardees agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations with their grant submission and, if awarded, their sample submissions.