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Measure 7,000 proteins over a broad dynamic range, without sacrificing reproducibility, sensitivity or specificity.

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Dr Rym Ben Othman


Beyond Genomics: The vital role of proteomics in disease biomarker discovery

Monday, May 8, 2023 | 12:00-12:45 p.m. | Garnet 212

Presenter: Rym Ben Othman, PhD
Cofounder and Director, The Accelerator
Telethon Kids Institute
Perth, Australia

Join us for lunch on Monday to learn how a comprehensive multi-omics analysis — using data from metabolomics, epigenetics, RNA sequencing, immune phenotyping, and proteomics — found that the aptamer-based SomaScan® Platform outperformed other approaches in producing insights into disease pathogenesis and progression.

How the SomaLogic Platform is different

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Large-scale proteomics

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Exquisite specificity enables 7,000 simultaneous measurements

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Over 600 publications and growing

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Reduce time, cost, and risk in your proteomics research

Want a quick look at how the SomaScan Assay works?

Our Slow Off-Rate Modified Aptamers (called SOMAmer® reagents) are custom-engineered to have exquisite shape complementarity to their protein targets. Put them into action with a single, 55-μL sample.


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Learn how you can run the SomaScan Assay within your own lab. As a SomaLogic authorized site, you will not only receive the benefits of analyzing your samples in-house, but can also accelerate your workflow, automate your processes, and unlock revenue-generating capabilities. And our expert support team will assist you every step of the way.

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Hear how one of our authorized sites uses complementary technologies in their own lab for greater efficiency and deeper insights.

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