The SomaScan® Platform


We have performed the SomaScan Assay on hundreds of thousands of annotated samples (with associated clinical information), evaluating protein levels in individuals with and without a number of health, wellness and disease conditions and characteristics. By doing this, and by virtue of the strong biological signals that thousands of proteins provide, we have developed a number of current state and future predictive state tests for health, wellness and disease. These SomaSignal™ tests rely on sophisticated mathematical models that we have created for each condition or characteristic in question.

The SomaScan Assay: A Breakthrough Proteomics Technology

Protein measurements provide a real-time picture of what is happening in our bodies at any given time. They are the best indicators of when things are normal and when things are starting to going awry. Understanding the many protein changes that underlie both health and disease requires a new kind of proteomic technology that can measure both broadly (thousands of proteins simultaneously) and deeply (high- and low-abundance proteins). Only the SomaScan Assay provides this expansive view.

The SomaScan Assay relies on the distinctive properties of SOMAmer® (Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamer) reagents, our proprietary protein binding reagents. SOMAmer reagents consist of a short single-stranded DNA sequence with “protein-like” appendages that allow tight and specific binding to its protein target. This specificity is critical for accurate measurements in highly complex protein mixtures such as blood. For more information, please see: Rohloff, JC et al. (2014) “Nucleic acid ligands with protein-like side chains: Modified aptamers and their use as diagnostic and therapeutic agents.” Molecular Therapy Nucleic Acids 3(10):e201.

For more information on how we validate the specificity of SOMAmer reagents, please refer to our “Short Technical Note.”


How the SomaScan Assay Works

How SOMAmer Reagents Bind Their Protein Targets