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Download our Tech Note to learn how the SomaScan 11K Assay works

Introducing the SomaScan® 11K Assay

The SomaScan Assay, the industry-leading multiplex proteomics platform, is now capable of 11,000 total protein measurements, including 10,000 unique human proteins measured. This means you can now access half the human proteome.

The broadest, deepest disease coverage is now available to you

The new 11,000-plex menu is the most powerful proteomics solution today. Covering half of the genetically encoded human proteome, researchers can now decipher human biology by casting the widest net possible.

We took a broad approach to selecting new protein targets and have mapped the protein coverage in biological processes and various disease areas, shown at right.

11K graphic, representing 11,000 measurable human proteins using the SomaScan Assay

View the 11,000 protein targets detected by the SomaScan 11K Assay.

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Detect proteins across every major biological pathway

% Proteomic Coverage by Platform for Selected Pathways

Our precision is backed by orthogonal validation

From our original 1,300-plex menu to today, we have maintained consistent quality metrics for specificity, sensitivity, reproducibility, and more.

Our customers rely on consistent quality, so they know their data is always accurate and meaningful. To meet their needs, SomaLogic provides the largest number of protein measurements and the greatest number of orthogonally confirmed protein reagents in the proteomics industry.

Primary validation of all SOMAmer® Reagents includes:

  • Determination of equilibrium binding affinity dissociation constant
  • Pull down assay of cognate protein from buffer
  • Demonstration of buffer dose response in the SomaScan Assay
  • Estimation of endogenous cognate protein signals in plasma
  • Required for inclusion in the SomaScan Assay

Primary validation of all SOMAmer Reagents: 11,000 - ChartOver 6,000 SOMAmer Reagents have at least one additional form of orthogonal validation

Approximately 3,000 SOMAmer Reagents have undergone two or more forms of orthogonal validation

11K Platform Bridging

With some assay platforms, integrating data across versions can be difficult and time consuming. When you use the SomaScan platform, we make it easy for you to compare your 11K data to your 7K and 5K data.

Data Integration across platforms icon

Have confidence in data integration across SomaScan platforms

We’ve developed and qualified the method that allows you to quickly compare data from projects run across our SomaScan 5K, SomaScan 7K, and new SomaScan 11K platforms.

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Save time and money

With the SomaScan platform, we have developed simple solutions to compare 11K data to your 7K or 5K data for Human EDTA Plasma and Serum. This means your project may not require additional samples if you ever need to compare your project to a previous platform project.

Maximize insight icon

Maximize your insights across long term studies

Our accessible, open-source tools break down data silos and unlock deeper insights across long term studies that span different versions of the SomaScan platform.

Let us help you maximize your data’s potential with our comprehensive suite of tools.

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Learn how the SomaScan® Assay works

The SomaScan Assay profiles thousands of different proteins from only 55 µL of plasma/serum.


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11K graphic, representing 11,000 measurable human proteins using the SomaScan Assay

See the largest coverage of the genetically encoded human proteome

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