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Below is a chronological list of select articles by SomaLogic scientists and their collaborators.

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Genomic atlas of the human plasma proteome (2018) BB Sun, JC Maranville, JE Peters, D Stacey, JR Staley, J Blackshaw, S Burgess, T Jiang, E Paige, P Surendran, C Oliver-Williams, MA Kamat, BP Prins, SK Wilcox, ES Z, A Chi, N Bansal, SL Spain, AM Wood, NW Morrell, JR Bradley, N Janjic, DJ Roberts, WH Ouwehand, JA Todd, N Soranzo, K Suhre, DS Paul, CS Fox, RM Plenge, J Danesh, H Runz, and AS Butterworth.
Nature 558: 73-79 (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED).

Sperm cell purification from mock forensic swabs using SOMAmer™ affinity reagents (2018) E Katilius, AB Carmel, H Koss, D O’Connell, BC Smith, GM Sanders, GS LaBerge.
Forensic Science International: Genetics 35:9-13 (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED).

The impact of the glomerular filtration rate on the human plasma proteome (2018) A Christensson, JA Ash, RK DeLisle, FW Gaspar, R Ostroff, A Grubb, V Lindström, L Bruum, and SA Williams.
Proteomics Clinical Applications 12(3): e1700067 (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED).

Improving assessment of drug safety through proteomics: early detection and mechanistic characterization of the unforeseen harmful effects of torcetrapib (2018) SA Williams, AC Murthy, RK DeLisle, C Hyde, A Malarstig, R Ostroff, SJ Weiss, MR Segal, and P Ganz. 
Circulation 137(10) 999-1010.

Also see accompanying editorial:
Harnessing the power of proteomics to assess drug safety and guide clinical trials (2018) MPY Lam and Y Ge.
Circulation 137(10) 1011-1014 (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED).


Sequential inflammatory processes define human progression from M. tuberculosis infection to tuberculosis disease (2017) TJ Scriba, A Penn-Nicholson, S Shankar, T Hraha, EG Thompson, D Sterling, E Nemes, F Darboe, S Suliman, LM Amon, H Mahomed, M Erasmus, W Whatney, JL Johnson, W Boom, M Hatherill, J Valvo, MA De Groote, UA Ochsner, A Aderem, WA Hanekom, DE Zak, and other members of the ACS cohort study team.
PLOS Pathogens 13(11): e1006687.

Trisomy 21 causes changes in the circulating proteome indicative of chronic autoinflammation (2017) KD Sullivan, D Evans, A Pandey, TH Hraha, KP Smith, N Markham, AL Rachubinski, K Wolter-Warmerdam, F Hickey, JM Espinosa, and T Blumenthal.
Scientific Reports 7: 14818.

Pharmacokinetic properties of DNA aptamers with base modifications (2017) S Gupta, DW Drolet, SK WolkSM Waugh, JC Rohloff, JD Carter, WS Mayfield, MR Otis, CR Fowler, T Suzuki, M Hirota, Y Ishikawa, DJ Schneider, and N Janjic.
Nucleic Acid Therapeutics 27(6):345-353.

Structural basis for IL-1α recognition by a modified DNA aptamer that specifically inhibits IL-1α signaling (2017) X Ren, AD Gelina, I von Carlowitz, N Janjic, and AM Pyle. 
Nature Communications 8(1) 810.

Discovery of a six-marker serum protein signature for the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis (2017) MA De Groote, DG Sterling, T Hraha, T Russell, LS Green, K Wall, S Kraemer, R Ostroff, N Janjic, and UA Ochsner. 
Journal of Clinical Microbiology 55(10) 3057-3071.

Potential of high-affinity, Slow Off-Rate Modified Aptamer (SOMAmer) reagents for Mycobacterium tuberculosis proteins as tools for infection models and diagnostic applications (2017) T Russell, LS Green, T Rice, NA Kruh-Garcia, K Dobos, MA De Groote, T Hraha, DG Sterling, N Janjic, and UA Ochsner.
Journal of Clinical Microbiology 55(10) 3072-3088.

Selection of DNA aptamers with two modified bases (2017) BN Gawande, JC Rohloff, JD Carter, I von Carlowitz, C Zhang, DJ Schneider, and N Janjic.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114(11):2898-2903.

Connecting genetic risk to disease end points through the human blood plasma proteome (2017) K Suhre, M Arnold, AM Bhagwat, RJ Cotton, R Engelke, J Raffler, H Sarwath, G Thareja, A Wahl, RK DeLisle, L Gold, M Pezer, G Lauc, MA El-Din Selim, DO Mook-Kanamori, EK Al-Dous, YA Mohamoud, J Malek, K Strauch, H Grallert, A Peters, G Kastenmüller, C Gieger, and J Graumann.
Nature Communications 8:14357.

Highly multiplexed proteomic analysis of quantiferon supernatants to identify biomarkers of latent tuberculosis infection (2017) MA De Groote, M Higgins, T Hraha, K Wall, ML Wilson, DG Sterling, N Janjic, R Reves, UA Ochsner, and R Belknap.
Journal of Clinical Microbiology 55:391-402.


Development and validation of a protein-based risk score for cardiovascular outcomes among patients with stable coronary heart disease (2016) PJ Ganz, B Heidecker, K Hveem, C Jonasson, S Kato, MR Segal, DG Sterling, and SA Williams.
Journal of the American Medical Association 315(23):2532-2541.

Also see accompanying editorial:  
Using aptamer-based technology to probe the plasma proteome for cardiovascular Disease prediction (2016) M Sabatine.
Journal of the American Medical Association 315(23):2525-2526. (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED). For access to electronic version, please contact us.

Chemically modified interleukin-6 aptamer inhibits development of collagen-induced arthritis in cynomolgus monkeys (2016) M Hirota, I Murakami, Y Ishikawa, T Suzuki, S Sumida, S Ibaragi, H Kasai, N Horai, DW Drolet, S Gupta, N Janjic, and DJ Schneider.
Nucleic Acid Therapeutics 26(1):10-19.

Embracing proteins: structural themes in aptamer-protein complexes (2016) AD Gelinas, DR Davies and N Janjic.
Current Opinion in Structural Biology 36:122-32.

Fit for the eye: aptamers in ocular disorders (2016) DW Drolet, LS Green, L Gold and N Janjic.
Nucleic Acid Therapeutics 26(3) 127-146. 


Influence of 5-N-carboxamide modifications on the thermodynamic stability of oligonucleotides (2015) SK Wolk, RK Shoemaker, WS Mayfield, AL Mestdagh and N Janjic.
Nucleic Acids Research 43(19):9107-9122.

Association of growth differentiation factor 11/8, putative anti-ageing factor, with cardiovascular outcomes and overall mortality in humans: analysis of the Heart and Soul and HUNT3 cohorts (2015) KA Olson, AL Beatty, B Heidecker, MC Regan, EN Brody, T Foremen, S Kato, RE Mehler, BS Singer, K Hveem, H Dalen, DG Sterling, RM Lawn, NB Schiller, SA Williams, MA Whooley, and P Ganz.
European Heart Journal 36(48):3426-3434.

Practical synthesis of cytidine-5-carboxamide-modified nucleotide reagents (2015) JC Rohloff, C Fowler, B Ream, JD Carter, G Wardle and T Fitzwater.
Nucleosides Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids 34(3):180-198.

Large-scale serum protein biomarker discovery in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (2015) Y Hathout, E Brody, PR Clemens, L Cripe, RK DeLisle, P Furlong, H Gordish-Dressman, L Hache, E Henricson, EP Hoffman, YM Kobayashi, A Lorts, JK Mah, C McDonald, B Mehler, S Nelson, M Nikrad, B Singer, F Steele, D Sterling, HL Sweeney, S Williams and L Gold.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 112(23):7153-7158.

Non-helical DNA triplex forms a unique aptamer scaffold for high affinity recognition of nerve growth factor (2015) TC Jarvis, DR Davies. A Hisaminato, DI Resnicow, S Gupta, SM Waugh, A Nagabukuro, T Wadatsu, H Hishigaki, B Gawande, C Zhang, SK Wolk, WS Mayfield, Y Nakaishi, AB Burgin, LJ Stewart, TE Edwards, AD Gelinas, DJ Schneider and N Janjic.
Structure 23(7):1293-1304. 

Circulating proteomic signatures of chronological age (2015) C Menni, SJ Kiddle, M Mangino, A Viñuela, M Psatha, C Steves, M Sattlecker, A Buil, S Newhouse, S Nelson, S Williams, N Voyle, H Soininen, I Kloszewska, P Mecocci, M Tsolaki, B Vellas, S Lovestone, TD Spector, R Dobson and AM Valdes.
Journal of Gerontology: Series A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences 70(7):809-816.


Nucleic acid ligands with protein-like side chains: modified aptamers and their use as diagnostic and therapeutic agents (2014) JC Rohloff, AD Gelinas, TC Jarvis, UA Ochsner, DJ Schneider, L Gold and N Janjic.
Molecular Therapy Nucleic Acids 3(10):e201.

Specific capture and detection of Staphylococcus aureus with high-affinity modified aptamers to cell surface components (2014) A Baumstummler, D Lehmann, N Janjic and UA Ochsner.
Letters in Applied Microbiology 59(4):422-431.

Aptamer-based proteomic signature of intensive phase treatment response in pulmonary tuberculosis (2014) P Nahid, E Bliven-Sizemore, LG Jarlsberg, MA De Groote, JL Johnson, G Muzanyi, M Engle, M Weiner, N Janjic, DG Sterling and UA Ochsner.
Tuberculosis 94(3):187-196. 

Validation of a blood protein signature for non-small cell lung cancer (2014) M Mehan, SA Williams, JM Siegfried, WL Bigbee, JL Weissfeld, DO Wilson, HI Pass, WN Rom, T Muley, M Meister, W Franklin, YE Miller, EN Brody and RM Ostroff.
Clinical Proteomics 11(1):32.

Alzheimer’s disease biomarker discovery using SOMAscan multiplexed protein technology (2014) M Sattlecker, SJ Kiddle, S Newhouse, P Proitsi, S Nelson, S Williams, C Johnston, R Killick, A Simmons, E Westman, A Hodges, H Soininen, I Kloszewska, P Mecocci, M Tsolaki, B Vellas, S Lovestone, AddNeuroMed Consortium and RJ Dobson.
Alzheimer’s & Dementia 10(6):724-734.

Systematic selection of modified aptamer pairs for diagnostic sandwich assays (2014) UA Ochsner, LS Green, L Gold and N Janjic.
Biotechniques 56(3):125-133.

Proteomics analysis of cancer exosomes using a novel modified aptamer-based array (SOMAscan™) platform (2014) J Webber, TC Stone, E Katilius, BC Smith, B Gordon, MD Mason, Z Tabi, IA Brewis and A Clayton.
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 13(4):1050-1064.

DTC-and-me: patient, provider, proteins and regulators (2014) F Steele and L Gold.
Journal of Personalized Medicine 4(1):79-87.

Beyond antibodies: new affinity reagents to unlock the proteome (2014) B Lollo, F Steele and L Gold.
Proteomics 14:638-644.

Crystal structure of interleukin-6 in complex with a modified nucleic acid ligand (2014) AD Gelinas, DR Davies, TE Edwards, JC Rohloff, JD Carter, C Zhang, S Gupta, Y Ishikawa, M Hirota, Y Nakaishi, TC Jarvis and N Janjic.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 289(12):8720-8734.

Chemically-modified DNA aptamers bind interleukin-6 with high affinity and inhibit signaling by blocking its interaction with interleukin-6 receptor (2014) S Gupta, M Hirota, SM Waugh, I Murakami, T Suzuki, M Muraguchi, M Shibamori, Y Ishikawa, TC Jarvis, JD Carter, C Zhang, B Gawande, M Vrkljan, N Janjic and DJ Schneider.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 289(12):8706-8719.


Growth differentiation factor 11 is a circulating factor that reverses age-related cardiac hypertrophy (2013) FS Loffredo, ML Steinhauser, SM Jay, J Gannon, JR Pancoast, P Yalamanchi, M Sinha, C Dall’Osso, D Khong, JL Shadrach, CM Miller, BS Singer, A Stewart, N Psychogios, RE Gerszten, AJ Hartigan, MJ Kim, T Serwold, AJ Wagers and RT Lee.
Cell 153(4):829-839.

Measurement of cetuximab and panitumumab-unbound serum EGFR extracellular domain using an assay based on Slow Off-Rate Modified Aptamer (SOMAmer) reagents (2013) NJ Park, X Wang, A Diaz, DM Goos-Root, C Bock, JD Vaught, W Sun and CM Strom.
PLOS ONE (2013) 8(8):e71703.

Elucidating novel serum biomarkers associated with pulmonary tuberculosis treatment (2013) MA De Groote, P Nahid, L Jarlsberg, JL Johnson, M Weiner, G Muzanyi, N Janjic, DG Sterling and UA Ochsner.
PLOS ONE 8(4):e61002. 

Interaction with both ZNRF3 and LGR4 is required for the signaling activity of R-spondin (2013) Y Xie, R Zamponi, O Charlat, M Ramones, S Swalley, X Jiang, D Rivera, W Tschatz, B Lu, L Quinn, C Dimitri, J Parker, D Jeffery, SK Wilcox, M Watrobka, P LeMotte, B Granda, JA Porter, VE Myer, A Loew, and F Cong.
EMBO Reports 14(12):1120-1126.

Taking measure of personalized medicine: the proteome (2013) F Steele and L Gold.
Personalized Medicine 10(2): 177-182. (For reprint contact

Candidate blood proteome markers of Alzheimer’s disease onset and progression: a systematic review and replication study (2013) SJ Kiddle, M Sattlecker, P Proitsi, A Simmons, E Westman, C Bazenet, SK Nelson, S Williams, A Hodges, C Johnston, H Soininen, I Kloszewska, P Mecocci, M Tsolaki, B Vellas, S Newhouse, S Lovestone and RJ Dobson.
Journal of Alzheimers Disease 38(3):515-531.

Detection of Clostridium difficile toxins A, B, and binary toxin with slow off-rate modified aptamers (2013) UA Ochsner, E Katilius and N Janjic.
Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease 76(3):278-285. (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED)


Early detection of malignant pleural mesothelioma in asbestos-exposed individuals with a noninvasive proteomics-based surveillance tool (2012) RM Ostroff, MR Mehan, A Stewart, D Ayers, EN Brody, SA Williams, S Levin, B Black, M Harbut, M Carbone, C Goparaju and HI Pass.
PLOS ONE 7(10): e46091.

Life’s simple measures: unlocking the proteome (2012) E Brody, L Gold, M Mehan, R Ostroff, J Rohloff, J Walker and D Zichi.
Journal of Molecular Biology 422(5):595-606. (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED).

Slow Off-Rate Modified Aptamer arrays for biomarker discovery and diagnostic applications (2012) JJ Walker, EN Brody, and L Gold.
In Microarrays in Diagnostics and Biomarker Development.” (Ed: B Jordan) Springer, ISBN 978-3-642-28202-7. (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED).

Protein signature of lung cancer tissues (2012) MR Mehan, D Ayers, D Thirstup, W Xiong, RM Ostroff, EN Brody, JJ Walker, L Gold, TC Jarvis, N Janjic, GS Baird and SK Wilcox.
PLOS ONE 7(4):e35157.

Age-dependent changes in the cerebrospinal fluid proteome by Slow Off-Rate Modified Aptamer array (2012) GS Baird, SK Nelson, TR Keeney, A Stewart, S Williams, ER Peskind and TJ Montine.
American Journal of Pathology 180(2):446-456.

Unique motifs and hydrophobic interactions shape the binding of modified DNA ligands to protein targets (2012) DR Davies, AD Gelinas, C Zhang, JC Rohloff, JD Carter, D O’Connell, SM Waugh, SK Wolk, WS Mayfield, AB Burgin, TE Edwards, LJ Stewart, L Gold, N Janjic and TC Jarvis.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 109(49): 19971-19976.


From SOMAmer-based biomarker discovery to diagnostic and clinical applications: a SOMAmer-based, streamlined multiplex proteomic assay (2011) S Kraemer, JD Vaught, C Bock, L Gold, E Katilius, TR Keeney, N Kim, NA Saccamano, SK Wilcox, D Zichi and GM Sanders.
PLOS ONE 6(10): e26332. 

Making the cut: untangling clinical protein biomarker discovery and validation (2011) L Gold, S Williams, N Janjic, N Saccomano and F Steele.
Biomarkers in Medicine 5(2):189-191.

Rapid histochemistry using Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamers with anionic competition. (2011) S Gupta, D Thirstrup, TC Jarvis, DJ Schneider, SK Wilcox, J Carter, C Zhang, A Gelinas, A Weiss, N Janjic and GS Baird.
Applied Immunohistochemistry & Molecular Morphology 19(3):273-8. (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED).


High-Content Affinity-Based Proteomics: Unlocking Protein Biomarker Discovery (2010) EN Brody, L Gold, RM Lawn, JJ Walker, and D Zichi.
Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics 10(8):1013-1022.

Aptamers and the RNA world, past and present (2010) L Gold, N Janjic, T Jarvis, DD Schneider, JJ Walker, SK Wilcox and D Zichi.
Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology 4(3):a003582.

Unlocking biomarker discovery: large scale application of aptamer proteomic technology for early detection of lung cancer (2010) RM Ostroff, WL Bigbee, W Franklin, L Gold, M Mehan, YE Miller, HI Pass, WN Rom, JM Siegfried, A Stewart, JJ Walker, JL Weissfeld, SA Williams, D Zichi, EN Brody.
PLOS ONE 5(12):e15003. 

Expanding the chemistry of DNA for in vitro selection (2010) JD Vaught, C Bock, J Carter, T Fitzwater, M Otis, D Schneider, J Rolando, S Waugh, SK Wilcox and B Eaton.
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132(12):4141–4151. (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED).

The stability of the circulating human proteome to variations in sample collection and handling procedures measured with an aptamer-based proteomics array. (2010) R Ostroff, T Foreman, TR Keeney, S Stratford, JJ Walker and D Zichi.
Journal of Proteomics 73(3):649-66. (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED).

Aptamer-based multiplexed proteomic technology for biomarker discovery (2010) L Gold, D Ayers, J Bertino, C Bock, A Bock, EN Brody, J Carter, AB Dalby, BE Eaton, T Fitzwater, D Flather, A Forbes, T Foreman, C Fowler, B Gawande, M Goss, M Gunn, S Gupta, D Halladay, J Heil, J Heilig, B Hicke, G Husar, N Janjic, T Jarvis, S Jennings, E Katilius, TR Keeney, N Kim, TH Koch, S Kraemer, L Kroiss, N Le, W Lindsey, B Lollo, W Mayfield, M Mehan, R Mehler, M Nelson, SK Nelson, D Nieuwlandt, M Nikrad, U Ochsner, RM Ostroff, M Otis, T Parker, S Pietrasiewicz, DI Resnicow, J Rohloff, G Sanders, S Sattin, D. Schneider, B Singer, M Stanton, A Sterkel, A Stewart, S Stratford, JD Vaught, M Vrkljan, JJ Walker, M Watrobka, S Waugh, A Weiss, SK Wilcox, A Wolfson, SK Wolk, C Zhang and D Zichi.
PLOS ONE 5(12):e15004. 


Proteomics and diagnostics: let’s get specific, again (2008) D Zichi, B Eaton, B Singer and L Gold.
Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 12(1):78–85. (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED).

Aptamers: the new frontier in drug development? (2007) B Carlson.
Biotechnology Healthcare 4(2):31-36. 

Aptamers as therapeutic and diagnostic agents (2000) EN Brody and L Gold.
Reviews in Molecular Biotechnology 74(1):5-13. (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED).

High affinity ligands from in vitro selection: complex targets. (1998) KN Morris, KB Jensen, CM Julin, M Weil, and L Gold.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 95(6):2902-2907.

Let’s get specific: The relationship between specificity and affinity (1995) BE Eaton, L Gold and DA Zichi.
Chemistry & Biology 2(10):633-638.

Systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment: RNA Ligands to bacteriophage T4 DNA polymerase (1990) C Tuerk and L Gold.
Science 249(4968):505-510. (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED).