The SOMAscan® Platform


Measuring Biology in Real-Time

SomaLogic scientists have solved the challenges inherent in measuring proteins on a large-scale and across a wide dynamic range. The SOMAscan platform delivers biological insights that enable biomarker discovery, diagnostics development, and pharmaceutical discovery and development.

The SOMAscan® Assay: An Unprecedented Protein Biomarker Discovery and Development Tool

Protein measurements provide a real-time picture of what is happening in our bodies at any given time. They are the best indicators of when things are normal and when things are starting to going awry.

Understanding the many protein changes that underlie both health and disease requires a new kind of proteomic technology that can measure both broadly (thousands of proteins simultaneously) and deeply (high- and low-abundance proteins). Only the SOMAscan assay provides this expansive view.

In essence, the SOMAscan assay converts a difficult problem (protein measurement) into a straightforward solution (DNA measurement). This surprising trick relies on the distinctive properties of the proprietary protein binding reagents used in the assay.

For more information, please download the SOMAscan Assay Technical White Paper.

SOMAscan Assay: A Breakthrough Proteomics Technology

SOMAmer® Reagents: A New Class of Protein-Affinity Molecules

SOMAmer (Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamer) reagents consist of a short single-stranded DNA sequence that incorporates a series of modifications that give the SOMAmer “protein-like” appendages. These chemical modifications in turn allow the SOMAmer to tightly bind its target protein in ways never before possible. The specificity is critical for measuring each protein in highly complex protein mixtures such as blood.

For more in-depth information. please download the SOMAmer Technical Note.

SOMAmer Reagents: Specific And Versatile Protein Affinity Reagents