A proteomics platform driving pioneering discoveries

Turning raw data into meaningful insight is a key step to finding new treatments and providing personalized therapy—and we do just that.

The proteomics revolution is now, and SomaLogic is here to partner with you in your discoveries.

The field of proteomics is rapidly expanding as technology evolves to analyze protein dynamics to add to the knowledge of DNA and RNA and provide new biological insights and discoveries.

SomaLogic provides the SomaScan® Assay, a fee-for-service proteomic technology platform, performed in a CLIA-certified lab. Our team of experts manage all the steps from sample intake, processing to data delivery — collaborating to achieve new biological insights and discover biomarkers and signatures from your precious samples. Whether you’re conducting a small academic study or a large clinical trial, we can handle your samples of various types including plasma, serum, CSF, urine, and more!

Discover new data from your clinical samples with powerful protein profiling


Median CV for plasma


Proteins analyzed in each sample

10 log

Dynamic range from fM to µM


Publications to date


Samples run to date

What you can achieve with the SomaScan® Assay services

For pharmaceutical R&D

  • Target identification
  • Target validation
  • Mechanism of action
  • PK/PD
  • Enrichment of clinical trials
  • Stratification of clinical trials

For academic R&D

  • Disease biology modeling
  • Disease sub-phenotyping
  • Physiology investigation
  • Pathway regulation investigation
  • Rapid translation from bench to bedside
  • Dovetailing with clinical care

Realize every sample’s full potential

Detect proteins across every major biological pathway

Graphic about potential with SomaScan potential

Why partner with SomaLogic?

  • Fast, easy setup: no custom or setup fees
  • You maintain full data ownership
  • The largest knowledge base of clinical + proteomic data
  • High-throughput CLIA lab
  • Expert consultations on study design, stats, and publishing/presenting