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A Beautiful Brain Besieged by Glioblastoma

The frog lies there, all splayed out and pinned. It will no longer ribbit or hop. Gone are its chances of being transformed into a prince with a simple kiss. Yet, this formaldehyde-soaked creature still fascinates.

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A Mermaid’s Tale About Knowledge Sourced from Genomics

In Disney’s The Little Mermaid (1989), a vivacious, inquisitive mermaid becomes infatuated with humans. She eagerly learns everything she can about these mysterious creatures. In her scholarly pursuits, she talks extensively with a seabird who satiates her curiosity...

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Cancer: The Ultimate Malware

A horrified astronaut utters over the radio, “Uh…Houston, we have a problem. Someone just hacked our computers. Now, we are viewing a message that states we must pay a ransom of 20,000 bitcoins or lose our top-20 karaoke playlist! Please...

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More Than Meets The Eye: The Growing Complexity Of Genomics

I’m mystified. It sounded so easy on paper and more accurate than gazing into a crystal ball to see what my future has in store. I only had to give a sample and let the experts decipher my future encased within my genetic code. Yet, science...

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