Applications of the SomaScan® Assay

To date, SomaLogic scientists and their collaborators have used the SomaScan Assay to analyze over 450,000 different samples across more than 50 different diseases and conditions, including multiple cancer types, metabolic, infectious and degenerative diseases, and things like nutritional status, risk of pre-term birth, and biological age.

Below are descriptions of a few of these applications, and more are available in our annotated list of publications.

Stratifying cardiovascular risk


A collaboration between SomaLogic scientists and leading cardiovascular clinical researchers found that the combined changes in the blood levels of nine proteins can accurately foretell a second cardiovascular event (e.g., a stroke or heart attack) in individuals who have had a previous event. The accuracy of the protein-based prediction far exceeds traditional risk models, including even those based on genetic variations.
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Insight into how diet affects metabolic health


Two studies from researchers at Nestlé used the SomaScan Assay to study the circulating proteins of obese individuals. They identified several proteins that may serve as biomarkers of metabolic health and could improve the success of dietary interventions for weight loss and management.
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Understanding the biology of a rare genetic disease


In a collaboration with multiple academic centers and patient advocacy groups, SomaLogic scientists found new leads for the development of diagnostic tools and potential treatment approaches for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. These findings are based on the ability to measure blood-based proteins that change as patients with this deadly genetic disease grow older.
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