BOULDER, Colo., June 1, 2020

At SomaLogic, we measure proteins in the human body, and derive important health insights from that information for each individual. Depending on the day – or even time of day – the expression of these proteins in each individual human body can vary significantly, and we analyze this variability to discern patterns that may predict current conditions or future disease. But however variable the expression may be, we also know that the identity of every individual’s proteins are the same – approximately 20,000 basic shapes, sizes and lifespans that we measure the same way in every individual around the world, regardless of skin color, country of origin, gender, religious preference or socioeconomic status. We always measure these proteins the same way because we know there is only one species of human beings.

The death of George Floyd (and many others in similar circumstances) remind us of the stark reality that in the United States we do not yet treat, measure or value all humans the same way. Similarly, the developed world as a whole does not equally treat, measure or value the billions of humans living in the developing world. In both cases we know beyond any doubt that we have systematically withheld this opportunity – predominantly from people who look, talk and/or act “different” – while all along having the ability to do otherwise.

We are a private company with limited resources in the moment, and Boulder, Colorado is not a very diverse community (and what diversity there is, is well hidden). We cannot change the world or even our own city by ourselves. However, we promise to do three things moving forward:

  • First, we will make an annual financial donation to the Denver Foundation Inclusiveness Project – one that is engaged with Metro Denver nonprofit organizations, including funders, to become more inclusive of people of color. While our initial contributions may not be huge, we will firmly commit to doing more as we become more successful and will encourage SomaLogic employees to volunteer resources and time to this and other such organizations.
  • Second, we will redouble our efforts to populate our company as we grow with individuals that reflect the greater populations that we seek to serve (all of them), because if we do not we run the risk of not understanding or meeting the needs of all communities.
  • Third, we will absolutely continue to treat, measure and value all members of our single species and civilization in exactly the same way, while still acknowledging, supporting and celebrating the differences that make each of us a unique member of the same species.

Thank you,

Roy Smythe, MD
Chief Executive Officer
SomaLogic, Inc.