One sample, multiple insights

SomaScan® and SomaSignal™ services provide complementary
insights from a single blood draw


For biomarkers discovery,
assay size is crucial



For clinical trial monitoring,
actionable reporting is key

What is the SomaScan Assay?

The SomaScan Assay profiles 7,000 different proteins from only 55 µl of plasma/serum. That’s 350% more proteins than any other platform on the market.

key use cases somascan

Key use cases

Biomarker discovery

Mechanism of action

Identification of adverse effects

Sample Input requirements

55µl of plasma/serum

7000 proteins

Menu size

7000 protein epitopes, and counting.

Assay output somascan

Assay output

Expression data for each SOMAmer in the array.

validation somascan


Over >300 peer-reviewed papers have been published using SomaScan technology, with over 450,000 samples tested since 2010.

What are SomaSignal Tests?

SomaSignal Tests deliver clinically relevant information about patient health and risk status derived by comparing clinical data and SomaScan Data.

key use case somasignals

Key use cases

Easy sampling facilitates longitudinal studies

Risk assessment score for specific pathologies

Real-time readout of physical state and trajectory

Sample Input requirements

55µl of plasma/serum

Menu Size 18

Menu size

18 validated tests, and growing.

assay output somasignals

Assay output

Risk profile of disease likelihood, probability, and/or severity of phenotype.

validation somasignlas


SomaSignal Tests use proteomic expression algorithms validated with patient cohorts in clinical studies. 

For a more targeted approach, disease specific and custom panels are also now available