Personalized health insights derived from SomaLogic’s proprietary protein measurement technology will be tested in clinical healthcare settings in the UK

BOULDER, Colo., February 6, 2018 – SomaLogic announced today the establishment of a framework “Partnership for Personalized Health” with the Leeds Centre for Personalised Medicine and Health (CPMH), to be based in Leeds, UK. This collaboration – the first of its kind – aims to help individuals and professionals enhance health decisions by providing:

  • accurate assessment of the current state and future disease risks;
  • deeper understanding of causal and actionable factors that may drive these risks;
  • reliable monitoring of individuals to understand the effectiveness of interventions.

These activities will rely on personalized insights gained from SomaLogic’s unique ability to easily measure thousands of protein changes associated with a wide variety of diseases and conditions.

Leeds CPMH is a collaboration based at the University of Leeds involving general practitioners, the National Health Service, academics and the city council. By working closely with SomaLogic within this unique partnership, Leeds patients will also gain preferential access to additional health management insights provided exclusively through SomaLogic’s SOMAscan® protein-measurement platform.

“We are excited to be working with SomaLogic, a global leader in personalised medicine,” said Dr. Mike Messenger, head of the Leeds CPMH. “This partnership has the potential to deliver huge benefits for the people of Leeds, in terms of better health outcomes and more efficient use of health and care resources.”

Initially, the two organizations will develop a “test bed”multiple clinical areas, in both primary and secondary settings throughout the greater Leeds region. The Leeds CPMH and its strong network of healthcare providers and health leaders will provide the infrastructure and expertise to use insights derived from SomaLogic’s innovative technology to enhance clinical decision making and influence positive patient behavior change. Ultimately, the partners hope to dramatically lower the cost and increase the quality of personalized health screening and care delivery in Leeds and beyond.

“Leeds CPMH is at the forefront of integrating academia, industry, healthcare providers, and individual citizens to go beyond the ‘one size fits all’ approach to healthcare,” said Steve Williams, SomaLogic’s Chief Medical Officer. “We are thrilled that Leeds CPMH is the first of what we trust will be many test-bed partners around the world.”

For further details, please see the Leeds CPMH news article.


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