A story published online today in The New York Times Magazine features SomaLogic and describes how measuring thousands of blood proteins could impact diagnostic testing and health screening. The Boulder-based author, Michael Behar, participated in a trial that used SomaLogic’s technology to assess cardiovascular health. Behar’s interest in the study was prompted by concerns about his own health after his mother suffered a fatal heart attack, despite being classified as very low risk based on traditional measures.

The pilot study described in the article screened patients using a SomaLogic test that measured the levels of a group of blood proteins and determined the likelihood of having a cardiovascular event, such as a heart attack or stroke within five years. Unlike genes which remain largely static throughout a person’s lifetime, the proteins in the body are constantly changing in response to both internal and external factors (e.g. infection, disease, diet, exercise, medication, etc.). Proteins can thus provide health information in real-time, including the earliest onset of disease.

The story will appear in the print edition of The New York Times Magazine on Sunday, November 18 and can be accessed online here:

“Proteomics Might Have Saved My Motherʼs Life. And It May Yet Save Mine”
Behar, M. The New York Times Magazine (2018, November).


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