SomaLogic and HUNT Biosciences announce CV collaboration



HUNT Biosciences and SomaLogic announce collaboration to validate protein biomarkers of cardiovascular risk

Levanger, Norway and Boulder, CO, USA – April 10, 2012

HUNT Biosciences and SomaLogic, Inc., today announced a new collaboration to advance the clinical use of protein biomarkers, with an initial focus on the validation of biomarkers for the prediction of cardiovascular events such as strokes, heart attacks, and heart failure.

The collaboration will analyze biological samples and clinical data from HUNT Biosciences using SomaLogic’s unique SOMAscan™ proteomic technology. HUNT Biosciences will work with SomaLogic to select and supply samples and accompanying clinical data and selected phenotype information from up to 2000 of the more than 100 000 participants in the large HUNT health study.

“We believe the HUNT health study offers samples and data that will help identify and validate protein biomarkers of high clinical significance,” said Dr. Per A. Foss, CEO of HUNT Biosciences. “SomaLogic has a promising technology and the company shares our vision of the importance of biomarkers to improve healthcare. We believe this collaboration has a significant potential and could be extended to include other medical conditions that will benefit from the discovery and use of well-documented biomarkers”.

“We are delighted to work with HUNT biosciences to develop new diagnostic tools that predict cardiovascular risk,” said Stephen Williams, Chief Medical Officer of SomaLogic. “The clinical sample cohort available through the HUNT health study is among the broadest in the world, and we believe that our technology is uniquely capable of deriving new clinical insights from those samples that can lead to new diagnostics and acceleration of drug discovery and development efforts to the benefit of patients everywhere.”

About HUNT Biosciences
HUNT Biosciences AS ( is the commercial arm of HUNT Research Centre. HUNT Biosciences was established in 2007 in order to offer a professional interface with industry and facilitate commercial use of HUNT data and samples, without compromising the trust of the donor population. HUNT Biosciences is a public company owned by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the Central Norway Regional Health Authority and the North Trøndelag County.

About SomaLogic
SomaLogic, Inc., is a privately held biomarker discovery and clinical diagnostics company based in Boulder, Colorado. The company’s mission is to use its proprietary proteomic technology to develop enhanced protein analysis tools and reagents for the life sciences community, to facilitate biomarker discovery and validation for diagnostic and therapeutic applications, and to develop and commercialize clinical diagnostic products that will improve the delivery of healthcare by offering timely and accurate diagnostic information to physicians and their patients. Further information about SomaLogic can be found at

About SOMAscan™/SOMAmers™
SomaLogic’s proprietary SOMAscan™ proteomic technology platform underlies a rapidly growing number of new diagnostic and therapeutic opportunities. The power of the SOMAscan platform comes from its use of a new generation of nucleic acid-based protein-binding reagents, called SOMAmers™ (Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamers). The unique physical properties of SOMAmers empower the accurate detection and measurement of thousands of proteins over a wide range of concentrations in just a few drops of blood (or other tissues), all in a single SOMAscan assay.

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SomaLogic, Inc.
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