SomaLogic completes agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb for expanded access to SOMAmer reagents

SomaLogic completes agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb for expanded access to SOMAmer reagents


SomaLogic, Inc., announced today that it signed an agreement with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (NYSE-BMY) to provide expanded access to its proprietary SOMAmer reagents. The agreement covers both the 1,310 reagents available in the current public version of the SOMAscan assay, as well as custom SOMAmer reagents developed through SomaLogic’s SOMAmer Discovery Service specifically for Bristol-Myers Squibb. Specific terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“We’re excited that Bristol-Myers Squibb has selected our SOMAmer reagents as tools for their drug discovery and development research,” said Byron Hewett, Chief Executive Officer of SomaLogic. “We look forward to a long and productive relationship between their scientists and ours as we work with them to integrate our technology into their research.”

SOMAmer (Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamer) reagents are a new generation of protein-binding molecules that combine the best properties of antibodies and traditional aptamers. Each SOMAmer reagent consists of a unique, short single-stranded DNA sequence that incorporates several bases that have been modified to include “protein-like” side chains. These unique chemical properties confer on SOMAmer reagents both high affinity and specificity for their target proteins as well as high durability and reproducibility, making them attractive reagents for virtually every laboratory assay that currently relies on antibodies.

To date, SomaLogic has developed thousands of SOMAmer reagents to a broad array of different proteins critical to normal and disease biology, and it continues to expand its publicly available SOMAmer reagent library at regular intervals. SomaLogic currently offers individual research users access to several hundred of its individual SOMAmer reagents, as well as the discovery of “fit-for-purpose” custom SOMAmer reagents through its SOMAmer Discovery Service.