The power of proteomics

Enabled by SomaScan®, next-generation SomaSignal™ blood tests accurately predict severe health events.

One blood sample, 7,000 proteins enabling multiple answers to clinical questions across Cardiovascular, Renal, Oncologic, Hepatologic diseases – and more

Proteomics – the predictive partner to genomics – is redefining the paradigm of what blood-based tests can accomplish by enabling clinicians to better predict, monitor, and prevent the escalation of disease. By examining proteins at the cellular level, proteomics allows providers to measure and track patient health risks holistically and in real-time.

Historically, single protein blood tests offer a limited, single-dimension view, requiring many tests to understand a patient’s disease burden.

Now, by scanning a major portion of the human proteome, one test represents a network of proteins that can reveal clinically significant insights across multiple disease states including Cardiovascular, Cancer, Kidney, and Liver diseases.

Pioneering technology, built on a commitment to science

Built on more than 20 years of SomaLogic’s pioneering proteomics expertise, SomaSignal tests utilize the world’s most comprehensive protein detection technology to accurately reveal early biologic signs that a patient may be headed for a severe health event – all while saving time for patients and providers.

Deep evidence-based science. A new era in personalized patient care

A case study in Cardiovascular Disease.


The SomaSignal test predicted the likelihood of a cardiovascular event with 90% accuracy – higher than population-level retrospective data or existing risk score modeling.

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The SomaSignal test outperformed existing clinical risk assessment techniques/tools for cardiovascular disease by roughly 2x the accuracy of existing risk scores with an earlier, more actionable view.

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Heart smart-er

Understand a patient’s comprehensive cardiovascular disease risk assessment – heart attack, stroke, cardiac failure, and more — with one SomaSignal test.

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One multidimensional SomaSignal test enables physicians to predict, detect and prevent the escalation of severe health events – providing a holistic, ongoing picture of a patient’s health status over time.

How do the SomaSignal tests work?

Proteomics builds on the promise of genomics. Genes are constant and provide instructions for making proteins. They represent the blueprint for disease potential; however, they are not dynamic. Proteins, on the other hand, reflect environmental exposures, age, illness, drug administration, and other factors. By examining the human proteome, SomaSignal tests can predict health status, the likelihood of severe events, and future areas of concern.

A comprehensive, bias-free approach

With the ability to measure the largest portion of the proteome, SomaSignal tests identify biological insights not yet observable by traditional methods but relevant to disease prediction. By using individual biology and machine learning, SomaSignal tests eliminate race, sex, and ethnicity bias, providing an equitable and accurate risk assessment, regardless of demographics and health equity.

Informed patients. Lower costs.

By predicting acute events tailored for an individual patient, SomaSignal tests may help improve medication adherence or inform other interventions – empowering physicians through the implementation of precision medicine. This ensures patients receive optimal therapies, thereby reducing waste and unnecessary costs within our health system, including reducing hospitalizations, and avoiding readmissions and other costly health complications.

SomaSignalTM tests give providers and patients access to the knowledge and insights they need to inform treatment plans and manage health

Determine patient risk

Uncover previously hidden health risks to improve treatment decisions.

Identify disease prognosis

Learn more about disease severity and trajectory to enhance disease management.

Understand disease drivers

Gains insights into factors that may be contributing to higher risk.

SomaSignal™ proteomics for precision medicine initiative

The first large-scale, clinically focused partnership equipping healthcare providers with decision-making proteomic technology.

  • University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
  • UPMC
  • Emory University
  • Intermountain Healthcare
  • CommonSpirit Health
  • UCHealth
  • Intermountain Healthcare
  • CommonSpirit Health
  • UCHealth

SomaSignal™ tests are developed and their performance characteristics are determined by SomaLogic Operating Co, Inc. They have neither been cleared nor approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). SomaLogic operates a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified, and College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited laboratory.