April 2, 2018 – Boulder, CO – SomaLogic announced today that Melody Harris has joined SomaLogic as the company’s Chief Legal Officer. Ms. Harris comes to SomaLogic from Qualcomm Life, a digital health subsidiary of Qualcomm, where she led the legal, global privacy, and Quality, Regulatory & Compliance groups as Vice President & Chief Counsel.

“I am delighted that Melody has chosen to take on this central role at SomaLogic at this critical time of company growth,” said Al Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer of SomaLogic. “She brings with
her a wealth of experience in healthcare technology and data-centric business models that we need to help us accelerate the delivery of SomaLogic’s breakthrough precision health insights into multiple markets around the world.”

SomaLogic was founded to transform healthcare by accurately measuring the changing state of an individual’s health over time, as revealed by changes in the proteins that make up the human body. Regularly monitoring thousands of proteins, unlike genome sequencing, can reveal not only real-time health status but also what interventions (e.g., diet, prescription and/or lifestyle changes) could maximize that status.

“SomaLogic is bringing together a unique technology and business plan to entirely change how people world-wide manage their personal health,” said Ms. Harris. “This rare opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives is exciting, and I am eager to join the SomaLogic team to help make that vision a reality.”

Ms. Harris joined Qualcomm Life with the acquisition of HealthyCircles, where she served as General Counsel. At HealthyCircles, Ms. Harris built the company’s legal and compliance functions and advised on early-stage product development related to data and privacy by design. Prior to HealthyCircles, Ms. Harris held a variety of senior leadership roles, including President & General Counsel of an international IP management firm, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of an international software development and consulting firm, and Senior IP counsel to U S WEST/Qwest. She received her J.D., cum laude, from the Harvard Law School and her B.A., cum laude, in political science from the University of Denver.


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About SomaLogic
SomaLogic delivers health management insights in real-time that empower individuals to take action to improve their personal health and wellness. These essential insights, provided through a global network of partners and users, are derived from precise, proprietary, and personalized measurement of critical changes in an individual’s protein makeup throughout life. For more information, visit www.somalogic.com/.