SomaLogic Senior Management Todd Johnson

Todd Johnson

Executive Vice President of Healthcare & Diagnostics

Todd Johnson joined SomaLogic in 2021 as Executive Vice President of Healthcare and Diagnostics. He oversees a portfolio of partnerships to drive SomaLogic’s commercial success.

Prior to joining SomaLogic, Todd served as the CEO of two digital health companies from the ground up which have had meaningful impacts for patients, customers, employees and investors. From great ideas, he has built strong companies on products that address market needs and offer long-term strategic potential.

Additionally, Todd has served as the Senior Vice President for Care Transformation at AVIA, the nation’s leading digital transformation partner for healthcare organizations in addition to several board positions.

In 2012, Todd took on the role of the chief executive officer at HealthLoop, a digital consumer health company acquired by GetWellNetwork. There he led development of a digital platform that bridges communication between providers and patients through automated, daily emails. Under Todd’s leadership, HealthLoop deployed into over 70 health systems and hospitals and impacted the lives of over a million patients. HealthLoop’s solution was clinically proven to save lives, decrease adverse events, improve patient experience and decrease the total costs of care.

In 2018, HealthLoop was acquired by GetWellNetwork, Inc. the industry’s largest patient experience platform company. GetWellNetwork leveraged Todd as the Chief Strategy Officer where he realigned the product portfolio to drive towards a more comprehensive ambulatory and at-home model.

Before HealthLoop, Todd was the founding CEO of Baltimore-based Salar, Inc.—an acute care physician charge capture and documentation solution. Working with the nation’s leading medical centers and physicians, he grew Salar to a successful acquisition in 2011 by Transcend Services, Inc. Transcend was, at the time, the nation’s second largest medical documentation company.

Todd holds a Bachelor of Administration in computer science from Cornell University.