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Measuring what matters

SomaLogic is helping people receive regular and meaningful information to help them successfully manage their personal health and wellness. Our SomaScan® Platform provides actionable health information based on measuring thousands of proteins in a single sample of blood.

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Why measure proteins?

Proteins are the most accurate and relevant measure of what is happening in your body at a given moment. Analyzing protein changes over time can provide information about a person’s current state of health, identifying diseases, the effects of lifestyle choices and the potential for health issues in the future.

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The power of proteomics

Proteins are the functioning molecules of life, and offer a deeper view into existing health conditions, or health conditions measured and compared over time. Proteomics, the study of these proteins, is a powerful tool in understanding the state of wellness of each individual and in reaching the goal of precision medicine.

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SomaSignal™ tests

SomaSignal tests are built on SomaLogic’s proprietary SomaScan Platform, which measures thousands of human proteins in a single blood sample. Applying sophisticated computer algorithms translates those protein measurements into meaningful, personalized health information for the individual being tested.

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SomaLogic is committed to the publication of our scientific findings in peer-reviewed literature. Visit our publications listing for articles by SomaLogic scientists and their collaborators.

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