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Why becoming a SomaLogic Authorized Site might be right for you

The SomaScan® Assay is a pioneering platform providing more coverage of the proteome than any other technology. And now you can bring the power of our proteomics menu into your own lab or institution.

Run a SomaScan Assay in your lab, whenever you like and with full SomaLogic support services to help ensure data integrity.

This on-site kit taps into the same powerful SomaScan Assay that can measure thousands of proteins with a 55-μL sample, without forgoing sensitivity or specificity. Become a SomaLogic Authorized Site, and accelerate your own research or generate revenue as a service provider.

Hear researchers explain why an omics-based approach is vital to precision medicine

Become a SomaLogic Authorized Site to access:

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A dedicated SomaLogic project manager

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On-site training and equipment servicing

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A field application scientist for technical and application support

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Training, tools, and support services to ensure data integrity

Learn how the SomaScan Assay works

The SomaScan Assay profiles thousands of different proteins from only 55 µL of plasma/serum.


Equipment needed

To become an Authorized Site, you will begin by equipping your lab to run the assay and image the assay results. Additionally, there are standard laboratory items that you will also need.

Assay Equipment Requirements

  • SomaLogic LabThread SLX Automation Equipment
  • Agilent SureScan Microarray Reader
  • SciGene Little Dipper slide washer (optional)
  • Plate Reader that measures both absorbance and fluorescence
  • For a full list of equipment, see our equipment list

Facilities find that becoming an Authorized Site begins to make good financial sense when you are running 2000+ samples per year.

SomaLogic has some recommendations for how to setup your lab for the most efficient operation. See our resources below to learn more.

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Downloadable resources

Lab Installation Layout

This document describes the required equipment, dimensions, and suggested layout of a lab space processing samples with the SomaScan Assay.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions and learn more about how becoming a SomaLogic Authorized Site is a right choice for you.


Assay Workflow

All the high-level information you want regarding the SomaScan Assay in one, easy-to-digest place.


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