Academic collaborators present findings from use of SOMAscan for cancer biomarker discovery


Academic scientists from major biomedical research institutions came together on March 25, 2013, to describe how they have applied SOMAscan to their efforts to find disease biomarkers in several types of cancer. The archived webinar is now available for viewing (following registration).

Together with collaborators from both the private and public sectors, SomaLogic scientists have analyzed the proteomics of >8000 blood and tumor tissue samples to discover diagnostic, prognostic and mechanistic biomarkers of malignancy. The web symposium covers part of that work, and features presentations by Harvey Pass, M.D. (New York University  – malignant mesothelioma), Geoff Baird, M.D., Ph.D. (University of Washington, Seattle – lung cancer tissue proteomics), and Randall Brand, M.D. (University of Pittsburgh — pancreatic cancer).