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Roy Smythe, M.D., selected as next CEO of SomaLogic

The SomaLogic Board of Directors announced today that they have selected Roy Smythe, M.D. as the next Chief Executive Officer of SomaLogic. A trained surgeon and former translational scientist, Dr. Smythe joins SomaLogic from Royal Philips, where he served as Chief Medical Officer for Strategy and Partnerships.

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Larry Gold to receive Hoogendijk award for medical engineering

Larry Gold, the founder and chairman of the board of SomaLogic, has been awarded the 8th International Steven Hoogendijk Prize by the Dutch Batavian Society of Experimental Philosophy. The biennial Hoogendijk prize honors global breakthroughs at the cutting edge of medicine and technology.

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SOMAmer® reagents focus on single proteins in living cells

An article published online today in Nature Methods describes the use of SOMAmer® reagents to specifically label and precisely visualize single molecules within single cells. This new use for SOMAmer reagents opens the door to viewing how biological structures are organized on a molecular scale and how they function in living tissue in real time.

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Integrated protein “communications” networks link genetic variations to complex aging-related diseases

Addressing one of the largest remaining knowledge gaps in biomedical science, researchers from Novartis, SomaLogic, and the Icelandic Heart Association have found a way to tie genetic variations to complex disorders, such as heart disease and diabetes. Their findings, published online today in the journal Science, demonstrate that communication between networks of proteins can explain the connections between genes and diseases.

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Translating the “Book of Life”

An article published today in the journal Nature brings us closer to understanding how differences in the genomes of individuals help contribute to common diseases and influence disease risk. Specifically, this study – by far the largest of its kind to date – revealed the effects of genetic variations on the levels of circulating blood proteins across thousands of individuals.

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Melody Harris, J.D., appointed Chief Legal Officer of SomaLogic

SomaLogic announced today that Melody Harris has joined SomaLogic as the company’s Chief Legal Officer. Ms. Harris comes to SomaLogic from Qualcomm Life, a digital health subsidiary of Qualcomm, where she led the legal, global privacy, and Quality, Regulatory & Compliance groups as Vice President & Chief Counsel.

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SomaLogic launches new version of SOMAscan® assay

SomaLogic has launched a new version of their proprietary SOMAscan® assay. This new version measures approximately 5,000 unique human protein analytes, almost four times more than its predecessor. The optimized assay format also uses new robotic instrumentation, removing as many manual interventions as possible.

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SomaLogic teams with Leeds Centre for Personalised Medicine and Health to deliver SOMAscan® platform in clinical healthcare

SomaLogic announced today the establishment of a framework “Partnership for Personalized Health” with the Leeds Centre for Personalised Medicine and Health (CPMH), to be based in Leeds, UK. This collaboration – the first of its kind – aims to help individuals and professionals enhance health decisions by providing: accurate assessment of the current state and future disease risks, deeper understanding of causal and actionable factors that may drive these risks, and reliable monitoring of individuals to understand the effectiveness of interventions.

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