Terry L. Randall

Vice Chairman of the Board of Mellott Company
President-CEO of Heritage Capital, LLC.

Terry Randall is currently President-CEO of Heritage Capital, LLC (a family investment company for small and middle market enterprises) and Vice Chairman of the Board of Mellott Company. Randall joined the Mellott Family companies in June 1997 at the request of the second-generation owners of this family-owned business. Randall has served in various executive and operational positions since 1997, including President-Chief Executive Officer.

Previously, Randall was Managing Partner and Partner-in-Charge of the Global Group for Wolpoff & Company, LLP, Accountants and Consultants, based in Baltimore, Maryland. He joined Wolpoff in 1993 as part of the merger of Hagerstown, Maryland-based Randall & Company, LLP, Certified Public Accountants, which he founded in 1974. At Wolpoff & Company, Randall handled a multitude of complex financial and management issues for clients worldwide using his understanding and comprehension of the nuances applicable to the financial posture of international companies doing business in the United States.

In 1983, Randall founded Baseball and Sports Associates, Inc. in order to acquire a minor league baseball franchise in the Carolina League located in Hagerstown, Maryland. Soon after the acquisition, a player development contract with the Baltimore Orioles led to a relationship and long-term plan to acquire additional franchises, build minor league stadiums and locate Baltimore Orioles-affiliated minor league franchises within the local television and radio market area of the Orioles in order to build the Orioles fan base and increase the value of the television and radio rights.

Randall has also served on the corporate board of directors of Tower Bancorp and its wholly owned subsidiary Graystone Tower Bank, Fairview Orchards Landbesitz, Inc., and the Carolina League of Professional Baseball and the Eastern League of Professional Baseball. He is also a re-organizing member and currently a director and past president of the Woodmont Chapter of the Izaak Walton League, Inc., a hunt club formed in 1870 and subsequently acquired by the Conservation Fund and the State of Maryland.