Patrick Terry

Chief Commercial Officer

Patrick Terry joined SomaLogic as its first Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) in September 2019, where he leads all aspects of the commercialization of SomaLogic’s portfolio of protein-based precision health information products.

Terry’s previous activities and efforts have led to many improvements to the practice of medicine. He has founded and cofounded numerous innovative commercial organizations in the life sciences, applied technology, and network theory, including Genomic Health, Inc. (NASDAQ: GHDX), a pioneering personalized medicine company based in California (recently acquired by Exact Sciences (NASDAQ: EXAS)). Terry also serves as a key contributor and board member of MeMed Diagnostics (infectious disease), Inivata, Inc. (oncology), GMPO, Inc. (therapeutics), and PXE International (therapeutics).

Terry has helped shepherd multiple biotechnology products through commercial development to clinical delivery in the North and South America, Europe, Israel, Japan, and China. His scientific, technical, and medical knowledge is all self-taught, though he has published over forty peer-reviewed scientific papers, articles, and book chapters in the fields of genetics, genomics, personalized medicine, and translational research (including clinical studies). He is also a strategic advisor to dozens of investment groups, private equity firms, governmental organizations, and biotechnology ventures across the globe. In recognition of his many accomplishments, Terry has received numerous honors and awards in the business and scientific communities.

The patient-focused perspective Terry brings to healthcare was forged from personal and family experiences with genetic disease, cancer, and extensive work in the patient advocacy community.

Terry is a father of two, a grandfather, and an accomplished adventure sports athlete.