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SomaLogic, Inc. is a privately held biotechnology company with headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

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SomaLogic Business News

SomaLogic Awarded Grant from National Science Foundation Convergence Accelerator

SomaLogic, Inc. announced today that a collaborative project between SomaLogic scientists and academic researchers has received a $1 million dollar Phase 1 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Convergence Accelerator program. The team will apply recent advances in quantum sensing to improve methods for proteomic screening.
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SomaLogic announces new agreement with Amgen to accelerate drug discovery and development efforts through comprehensive proteomic profiling

SomaLogic, Inc. announced today an agreement with Amgen that will use SomaLogic’s proprietary proteomics technology to help advance Amgen’s drug discovery and development programs. The agreement builds upon SomaLogic’s existing collaboration with deCODE genetics, an Amgen subsidiary based in Iceland, and will include broader application across Amgen’s pipeline.
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Somalogic and NEC Solution Innovators announce launch of Foneslife Corporation

SomaLogic, Inc. and NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. of Japan, a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, announced today the establishment of FonesLife Corporation, a new Tokyo-based company that will bring a series of new clinical health management tests based on SomaLogic’s proprietary protein-measurement technology to the Japanese people.
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SomaLogic releases new SomaSignal™ tests for NASH and NAFLD research

SomaLogic announced today that it has added a new set of four research use only (RUO) SomaSignal™ tests that can diagnose all four components of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) without the need for an invasive liver biopsy.
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SomaScan proteomic technology is now broadly available to COVID-19 researchers and drug developers to expand and accelerate response to the pandemic

SomaLogic today launched a new initiative to deploy their proteomic technology against the coronavirus pandemic. The company is making its proprietary SomaScan® Assay available to biopharma companies, academic medical investigators, and government entities working on COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 infection under simplified terms, with data from non-pharma studies to be shared rapidly and widely.
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SomaLogic adds three new SomaSignal™ tests to its current offerings

SomaLogic announced today that it has launched three additional SomaSignal™ tests to further empower individuals to manage their state of health more effectively. These new blood-based tests measure glucose tolerance, visceral fat and resting energy rate.
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Blood test beats traditional predictors of multiple disease risks

Proteins in our blood could in future help provide a comprehensive “Liquid Health Check,” assessing our health and predicting the likelihood that we will we will develop a range of diseases, according to research published today in Nature Medicine. The study, by an international team of researchers led by scientists at SomaLogic, the University of California, San Francisco and Cambridge University in the UK, shows that large-scale measurement of proteins in a single blood test can provide important information about a wide range of health factors and can help to predict multiple disease risks. 
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SomaLogic announces three new appointments to board of directors

SomaLogic, a privately held precision health information company, announced today that it has appointed Anne Margulies, Harvard University Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Franck J. Moison, former Vice Chairman of Colgate-Palmolive, and private investor Richard “Rick” Post to its board of directors.
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SomaLogic significantly expands key strategic collaboration with Novartis

SomaLogic, Inc., announced today that it has entered into a new ten-year agreement with its long-time pharmaceutical partner, Novartis, to expand the application of SomaLogic’s leading proteomic technology across the company’s drug discovery and development efforts. The agreement includes plans to analyze at least 250,000 clinical samples from across the Novartis drug development portfolio.
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