We are at war that does not involve firearms, but ventilators. The likes of the COVID-19 pandemic have not been seen since the decimations of the 1918 flu. With SomaLogic® advanced technology, we have a chance to prevent the same outcome. But we need comrades-in-arms to succeed.

As a reminder, SomaLogic measures proteins to deeply understand the biology health and disease. In a sense, the thousands of proteins in the blood together relay the details of the battle happening on the molecular level inside every COVID-19 victim. It is possible to use our technology to listen to the battle cries of bodily proteins in real-time, and we hope to translate that language to:

Predict who will experience severe illness and who will not. Proteins can provide the basis for developing a way to identify who will most likely develop life-threatening illness, and who won’t.

Identify the complication sub-types in those at risk for severe illness. Protein changes can help clinicians understand in real-time who will develop certain disease-related comorbidities, thus impacting disease treatment planning, the allocation of specific therapies, and resource utilization in constrained delivery situations.

Identify the biological drivers of COVID-19 disease, thus driving drug development. Proteins reveal “real-time” molecular biology, revealing both new drug targets and even unexpected targets for which there are already approved drugs or treatments that can be repurposed for COVID-19.

Accelerate vaccine development. Proteins can reveal the immune system response to a vaccine candidate, suggesting the likelihood of a longer-term clinical effect from that candidate.

We are committing ourselves to bringing this powerful weapon to the world’s war on COVID-19 war. But we need allies, specifically researchers with access to critical patient samples and collaborators who can help us defray the cost of this effort. Talk to us.