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Do You Know if Your Antibodies were Validated?

Increase productivity immediately! Get the results faster! Get more funding now! Publish first! These are just a few of the internal and external time pressures that many scientists face every day regardless of geography or lab setting. To meet these...

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Time. Is it on My Side?

Time. There never seems to be enough of it. With our hectic lives, even the simplest of inconveniences, such as a car breaking down or a heart attack, can totally sour the afternoon and derail our well-laid plans. Wouldn’t it be nice to have advance...

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The Toll of Aging on the Quest for Gold

Although the summer Olympics are over for another four years, the world is again amazed at the amount of training these Herculean athletes endure in order to capture gold. A young body usually recovers quite easily after an intense training...

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SOMAmer Sandwich Assays: A New Diagnostic Flavor

The famous chef, Emeril Lagasse, delights his audience with his approach to cooking. As he cooks, he theatrically takes the dish to the “next level” by adding another ingredient to the flavor. Bam! The food is even better. In many ways, laboratory work...

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Attention to Details

During the 2016 Olympics, an oversight occurred. At first, it might have seemed minor, but it really ruffled some feathers and caused major embarrassment for the Olympic committee. So, what happened? The Olympic committee approved and used incorrect Chinese flags with...

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SOMAmer Reagents: Next-generation Aptamers

Aptamers are short single-stranded oligonucleotides that fold into diverse and intricate molecular structures that can bind with high affinity and specificity to a variety of proteins, peptides and small molecules.

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