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Understanding How Our Greatest Ally Can Also Be Our Greatest Foe

Achoo…sniffle sniffle…cough…hack…These sounds echoing throughout the office herald the arrival of yet another cold/flu season. Yay! But before you convince yourself to work from behind the barricades of your home, remember that we do have a wonderful defense: our immune system. When it works properly, everything is right with the world. However, it can also go very wrong.

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Precision Medicine and Rube Goldberg

The American cartoonist and inventor Rube Goldberg was best known for his series of cartoons featuring absurdly intricate contraptions designed to perform mundane tasks. The humor comes from the apparent simplicity of the task: Why not just take the egg into one’s own hands and crack it open? However, Rube Goldberg was onto something: We humans are living Rube Goldberg machines. That simple act of cracking open an egg requires an inordinately complex sequence of events to occur within our bodies.

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Who to Heed for Medical Advice?

I am new to this whole blogging gig, but excited for the opportunity. You see, I come from a long line of writers. Though many members in my family choose to pen their thoughts using clay as a medium, my distant cousin — who wrote an influential physics paper…

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Holding onto the Edge: A New Look at How a SOMAmer Binds

A few fingers there, a couple more fingers over there and a couple well placed feet are all that separate rock climbers from the canyon floor hundreds of feet below. With the ease and grace of spiders, the experienced climbers maneuver quickly over the nearly smooth vertical rock face.

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A Beautiful Brain Besieged by Glioblastoma

The frog lies there, all splayed out and pinned. It will no longer ribbit or hop. Gone are its chances of being transformed into a prince with a simple kiss. Yet, this formaldehyde-soaked creature still fascinates.

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A Mermaid’s Tale About Knowledge Sourced from Genomics

In Disney’s The Little Mermaid (1989), a vivacious, inquisitive mermaid becomes infatuated with humans. She eagerly learns everything she can about these mysterious creatures. In her scholarly pursuits, she talks extensively with a seabird who satiates her curiosity...

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