SomaLogic scientists to present SOMAscan technology and multiple applications at the 2012 Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference


SomaLogic scientists to present their powerful protein biomarker SOMAscan™ assay and its multiple applications at the 2012 Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference

Boulder CO and San Francisco CA, February 20, 2012

With the recent successful commercial launch of its powerful protein biomarker SOMAscan™ assay as a service to biopharmaceutical researchers, SomaLogic scientists will be presenting both the “nuts and bolts” of the technology as well as its multiple therapeutic and diagnostic applications to over 3000 participants at the 2012 Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference February 19-23 in San Francisco, CA.

“We believe that this annual conference of leaders from across the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and academic arenas is the ideal venue for us to demonstrate the power of our SOMAscan technology,” said Stephen Williams, M.D., SomaLogic’s Chief Medical Officer. “The broad mix of attendees from across the healthcare continuum aligns well with the many potential uses of our SOMAscan assay.”

Both Dr. Williams and Dr. Richard Lawn, SomaLogic’s Executive Director of Translational Medicine, will present keynote addresses at the Tri-Conference. Mark Messenbaugh, Director of Corporate Strategy, will present a talk during a special pre-meeting “Partnering Forum.” In addition, SomaLogic scientists will present the following posters, which describe the SOMAscan assay and its power:

  • SOMAscan™: Quantitative, high-throughput, highly multiplexed proteomic measurements based on Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamers (SOMAmers™)
  • Proteomic insights in oncology: What have we learned from measuring millions of proteins?
  • Exposing the criminal record of every blood sample: Use of SOMAmer™ technology and sample mapping vectors to mitigate false biomarker discoveries
  • Differential protein signatures in erlotinib-sensitive and resistant lung cancer cell lines in vitro and in vivo
  • Beyond high risk: An improved stratification of cardiovascular risk using SOMAscan™ proteomic technology

Attendees at the 2012 Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference can also come to booth 308 in the Exhibit Hall to learn more about how SomaLogic’s SOMAscan technology can unlock their protein biomarker needs.