Expanded SOMAscan content measures approximately 5000 proteins simultaneously in a small blood sample

SomaLogic has launched a new version of their proprietary SOMAscan® assay. This new version measures approximately 5,000 unique human protein analytes, almost four times more than its predecessor. The optimized assay format also uses new robotic instrumentation, removing as many manual interventions as possible.

Unlike genes which remain largely the same throughout an individual’s lifetime, the proteins in the body are constantly changing in response to both internal and external factors, such as pathogens, diet, exercise and medications. The SOMAscan assay is the only technology capable of measuring thousands of proteins simultaneously, over a wide concentration range in a small sample of blood, which is critical for delivering personalized health information in real time.

The new version of the SOMAscan assay will be run in SomaLogic’s CLIA-certified laboratory, with a capacity of approximately 2,000 samples per week. On April 2, SomaLogic will start running samples from various studies on the new platform, to begin building precision health insights around metabolic and cardiovascular disease risk.