SomaLogic launches new, larger commercial version of SOMAscan assay


SomaLogic announced today that the latest version of its proprietary SOMAscan proteomics assay, which now measures 1,310 protein analytes, is commercially available to the life science research community. Called “SOMAscan Assay 1.3k,” this new version is replacing the current 1,129-measurement version, but without an increase in price.

“We are committed to increasing our already substantial lead in providing sensitive, accurate and highly multiplexed proteomics tools for novel biomarker discovery and development,” said Byron Hewett, Chief Executive Officer. “We plan to continue growing the number and diversity of proteins measured in our commercially available SOMAscan assay on a regular basis.”

Compared to other current proteomic technologies, SomaLogic’s SOMAscan assay offers its research users unprecedented power for novel protein biomarker discovery, diagnostics development, and pharmaceutical discovery and development. SOMAmer reagents, which are at the center of SomaLogic’s proteomics platform, are a new class of superior protein-binding reagents that combine the best properties of both monoclonal antibodies and traditional aptamers. SOMAscan Assay 1.3k, which incorporates 1,310 different SOMAmer reagents, can efficiently, accurately, and rapidly measure proteins from high to very low concentrations in small volumes of many different biological sample types.

Many of the nearly 200 new SOMAmer reagents added to the SOMAscan menu target proteins in inflammatory and oncology-related molecular pathways, a particular focus requested by current users of the assay. A list of the 1,310 proteins measured in SOMAscan Assay 1.3k may be downloaded from the SomaLogic website.

SOMAscan Assay 1.3k is primarily available as a service directly from SomaLogic, but access to the assay is also available at a growing number of select biomedical research centers. During the transition to the new SOMAscan version, the 1,129-analyte assay will remain available for a short time at a reduced rate.